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Stress Management Has A New Friend

Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT as it is known) is a stress and emotional healing technique, which is based on a revolutionary discovery that violates most of the beliefs of conventional psychology. It contends that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy sy

Using Short Term Goals As Checkpoints

This year the first day of October fell on a Monday. Why am I mentioning this? It was the start of a new week, month and quarter. What better day to reflect on what you've accomplished to date and what goals to set ahead of you.

Resolving Complex Conflicts Just Like Jesus Christ - Part 4

Resolving conflicts effectively can increase the peace in your home, the productivity of your ministry and the profitability of your business. To reduce the amount of time spent resolving conflicts, we can learn from Jesus how to identify and manage the complexities that may be inherent in each conf

What Do You Get From Life?

What do you want from life? What do you expect from life? Your answers to these questions will determine what you get from life. The trick is not just wanting something but, fully expecting what you want to arrive. When you learn to master this you will succeed at every level.

The Subconscious Or Default Living is Set by Past Choices

Life is about change! Every moment you breathe, you are making changes. The choices you make with regard to these changes lies in your scope of decision. In other words, how you choose to deal with any input that comes in to your conscious or subconscious must be dealt with. It is just a matter of h

How Does Stress Affect Brain Function?

Stress can have a profound effect on your body as well as your mind. Biologically speaking, stress can cause all sorts of problems, with the brain being affected too. In particular, stress can stifle creativity and literally shut down some elements of brain function.

Be Mindful for Greater Success!

Success is a state of mind.Often we have brief moments of feeling excited and successful.However, these thoughts tend to fade easily and we unconsciously end up thinking negatively.Read on to learn about being mindful of your success.

Battling Stress

Stress. There is so much we can say about it but instead, why not talk about how it shouldn't get the best of you. Unfortunately, stress is an everyday part of life and a day without stress is like winning the lottery.

Law of Attraction - How to Bring Luck Into Your Life

When most people think about luck they think of a coincidental alignment of circumstances that just "happen" to bring good fortune. They think of luck as something that comes on its own whim, not as something that's been attracted; and certainly not as something that can be consciousl

Self Development Plan

Each and every one of us has a yearning to achieve success in any endeavor that we'll take. Everyone aims that towards the closing stages of our lives we can proudly and truthfully say we successful succeeded. We are not naturally perceptive in achieving perfection in this world, but there is n