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How to Make a Fish Hook Knot in Hemp

Regardless of your fishing line material, the method of tying the knot on the hook remains the same. While most fishing line is made of monofilament plastics, there are natural fiber lines such as hemp or waxed cotton. Several knots for fishing are "must-knows" and the more you tie them, t

How to Release a Catfish

A fishermen who accidentally catches a catfish might believe the fish is capable of stinging him. This is a widely held, untrue notion derived from the fact a catfish has barbels -- or whiskers -- near its mouth. Catfish do not have teeth, but anglers must be aware of the spines on the fish's fins.

How to Breed Emerald Crabs

Emerald crabs are attractive additions to your saltwater aquarium, but may present some problems when it comes to propagating them. Part of the problem lies with their tendency toward aggression and territoriality to one another in a small tank. For this reason, if you want to have a potentially bre

How to: Fishing Lure Knots

There are many opinions as to how a fishing lure knot should be properly tied. Many anglers suggest that the knot depends on the fishing situation, whether a hook or lure is being used and other variables. However, the type of knot used may also be determined by the size of the hook. Small flies, fo

Law Enforcement & Fines in Alabama Pertaining to Hunting

Animal conservation enforcement has proven to be an important issue for the state of Alabama. In 2008, state officials increased fines and penalties for lawbreakers not complying with Alabama hunting regulations.

What to Craft With Souvenir Seashells

Many people collect seashells when they visit the beach. Turn your seashell collection into a variety of crafts with a few ideas and supplies from your local retail store. Large bags of seashells are also available online and at craft stores if you are looking to make a few tropical crafts. Show you

How to Cast a Baitcaster in the Wind

Casting baitcasting reels properly takes practice, but many experienced anglers like using these reels because they can be adjusted manually to suit various fishing situations. One of the main drawbacks of baitcasters is their propensity for backlash, which occurs when the reel spool spins even thou

How to Keep Nightcrawlers Alive

There are a variety of worms to use as fish bait, but the larger nightcrawlers are often judged to be the best by fisherman. They catch practically every kind of freshwater fish, according to Lake News Online. Nightcrawlers can be purchased at bait shops. To save money, look for them after a soaking

Brackish Water Fish Information

When freshwater and saltwater combine, the result is brackish water. The fish and invertebrates that live in brackish water make up a diverse group of creatures, which best thrive in brackish environments. Neither a freshwater or marine environment will provide brackish fish with the right water che

Things To Know About The Best Fishing Reels

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies that hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe enjoy today. It is really not surprising that more and more enthusiasts are being attracted to the ...

Fishing with Electronics

Ever seen electronic devices on the boat to help locate fish? That tool is called a fish finder; an electronic device that locates fish in the vicinity like a global positioning system (GPS) locates places. ...

How to Rig a Boat for Fishing

The length of a freshwater fishing boat runs between 17 and 25 feet. The best fishing months in freshwater are April, May and June. Having your boat rigged and ready to go by April makes the whole season seem longer and leads to more successful fishing. Fishing is about preparedness. If you overlook

How to Preserve a Seashell

You just returned from your beach vacation with a bag full of seashells, and now it is time to clean and preserve them. Live seashells require the removal of tissue. If you cannot tell which seashells still contain tissue, you can clean dead seashells with the live shells to ensure you remove the fo

Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Season

Pennsylvania is home to some of the finest trout fishing in the country, and the state gives you opportunities to fish for several species of native and stocked trout. But before you start fishing, it is a good idea to brush up on the seasonal regulations in this particular state. Trout season varie

Fishing Tips to Catch Lots of Fish

Some fishermen target only big fish. They may catch only one fish per day -- or per week, in some instances -- but it could be the fish of a lifetime. Many other anglers prefer catching multiple fish during a fishing trip. The techniques they use are more likely to produce numbers of fish, while als

How Does a Professional Bass Fisherman Train?

On the Water TrainingA bass fishermen has to fish to hone his skills. He needs repetition working his lures in tough spots, and he should try new lures at different times of day and in different situations to see what works.ResearchPart of the training for a bass fisherma involves doing...

How to Make a Pulley Rig

A pulley rig is a useful rig when fishing in salt water conditions. Particularly useful for anglers fishing along rocky shore lines, a pulley rig helps prevent lost rigs. A pulley rig It also allows a salt water game fish to take the bait and hook before feeling the pull of the weight on the line. A

Tips on Fishing Salmon in Alaska

Salmon fishing in Alaska is a goal of many anglers. This particular fish comes in a variety of sizes, with the top prize being king salmon, which regularly are more than 30 pounds. Fish for the king salmon from mid-May through mid-July. Other species are available from mid-July through mid-September

How Do I Store My White Dragon Iron Palm Dit Da Jow?

Dit da jow is an external liniment used in "hit medicine," which is traditional Chinese medicine developed for the needs of martial artists. The term covers several different ancient herbal formulas used to treat injuries such as bruises and muscle soreness, to strengthen muscles during training and