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Have more fun on a camping trip

Camping holidays can be wonderful fun for the whole family but some people don't seem to enjoy such trips as much as they could do. How can you ensure that you make the most of ...

Canopy Tarp Primer - What You Must Know About It

How to effectively protect your canopies, tents and other awnings with the use of a canopy tarp. By abiding to a few rules you can guarantee the long life of your portable shelter.

How to Identify Old Camp Stoves

You can identify old camp stoves by using a few tactile and observable methods. Weight, fuel used, and etchings or imprints are reliable methods of identifying older camp stoves. Use a magnifying glass to read small etchings along the old camp stove, or to get closer views of eroded and smudged lett

Common Questions About Camping Gear

You should always be prepared especially when you would like to go on a camping trip. Knowing what you need and anticipating those needs would make it very easy to prepare and shop for camping ...

Camping safety tips in desert region

It is much better to plan your trip carefully. Another vital thing is carry abundance of water when planning a hike. The temperature is absolutely different from tropic region; hence prepare to dress

Picking the Correct Camping Equipment

Many of us enjoy getting away from it all. Pitching a tent in the woods or on a campground next to a roaring fire for roasting our dinner on a stick sounds perfect at times. To enjoy these little breaks from reality, we must first invest in certain camping equipment to ensure our outdoor venture, a

Bear & Animal Country - Food Handling & Storage

Animals are gnarly little critters. They'll stop at nothing for that Chips-A-Hoy or Pringle. Bears, more importantly, pose a great risk to themselves if they are caught pillaging for good. Often, they are taken away and shot and labeled a nuisance. Take precautionary measures the next time you

Modern Ice Boxes in a Wide Variety of Styles

Different designs all fulfill similar functions. There is the stainless steel ice box in which you can securely store a certain number of cans or bottles of cold drink; another design of ice box incorporates a spout from which you can pour the cold contents from the insulated cool box without openin

Sweet Slaw

A camping recipe from David. This slaw keeps well in your cooler for a few days, so you can prepare this ahead of time at home. However, once it is tasted it won't last long.

Choosing the Proper Tent For Camping

Your home away from home. For the outdoorsy type, the home away from home is the tent. And it is, for so many reasons. It provides shelter whatever the weather is, it gives you comfort after an exhausting day hiking or trekking, rappelling or crossing a rough river.

Choosing The Proper Camping Stove

When it comes to choosing a camping stove there is definitely no shortage in choices, you can pick a 1 burner up to a 3 burner. Now we need to decide on the fuel, we can get one that uses propane or one that uses stove fuel and that used to be the standard til propane came into the picture.