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10 Red Flags in Financial Statement Filings

10 red flags to look for when examining a company's financial statements.Conversely, the lack of these red flags usually indicates a well-run and transparent company.

Historical Investment Fund Performance Charts Are Hard to Interpret

Interpreting rates of change from a cumulative performance chart is a challenge for many people. Visually, cumulative historical ETF and mutual fund performance charts are just very difficult to interpret. Most people would only look at the most recent values to see whether the fund's cumulativ

Earn Profit With Share Trading Strategy

The planning should involve preparation of all contingent actions. Preparing yourself will help you make rational decisions regarding stock investments. Thus, you will be ready with a systematic action plan that has a long term benefit for you.

Jack Out Of The Box

Many business owners wonder how they can best bring investors into their companies. It is important to understand the importance of following the securities registration exemption guidelines set forth by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) for approaching investors and offering those investors

How To Prepare A Cookie Dough Fundraising Campaign

Have you already chosen a good fundraising idea for your fundraising events? You may want to consider organizing a cookie dough fundraising campaign since these types of fundraiser is very easy to organize and very profitable. You have to understand that everybody loves sweet treats such as cookie d

Penny Stock Investing Advice

Penny stock investing has grown in popularity over the past few years, mostly because it is accessible to the everyday Joe. However, just because penny stock investing doesn't require a huge amount of investment, it doesn't mean that it isn't risky. Penny shares may be cheap but losin

Stock Trading Websites - The Benefits of Using Them

The days of frantic calls to your stockbroker are over. Online stock trading is the ideal way to invest. If you want to earn money trading stocks online, there are just a few things you need to know. Online stock trading websites have numrous benefits, and when used with other stock market tools, it

What You Need to Know About Investing in Certain Mutual Funds

There are many different types of funds to invest your money in when it comes to the stock market and related activities. In this article today I want to briefly discuss several different fund options that you can invest in and I want to discuss several things that you may or may not have thought ab

Finding High-Valued Penny Stocks

One of the secrets to maximizing investment in penny stock trading is to find stocks that are undervalued. These are stocks that are presently trading under their perceived values.

Should I Place a Market Order?

When you buy stocks, there are several different ways to place an order. If you sign up with Sharebuilder, you will be charged $4 per order if you place an automatic trade that takes place on the third Tuesday of the month. Doing this will save you on commission payments, but will it earn you the mo

CDs Vs. Stocks

Effective financial planning can help achieve financial independence. Certificates of deposit (CDs) and stocks both play a key role in a financial portfolio in helping to establish and protect wealth. Work to understand how these asset classes are structured to help balance risks versus rewards when

Buying Shares That Are Breaking Out - A Good Strategy?

A lot of investors try and scour hundreds of companies looking to find a few possible bargains where the share price is currently trading well below fair value. However the trouble is these shares that have been sold off will often continue to fall even further so it's hard to time your entry.

The Salary Pay Scale for a Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge funds are higher-risk investments generally targeted at high-net-worth individuals and institutions. The funds invest in sophisticated financial instruments such as derivatives and options, among others. They may also hedge against markets that are declining. Hedge fund managers are charged wi

How to Manage Your Stock Portfolio

A common question that comes to people mind is "how do I manage my investments?" Some people are afraid to invest because they read so much about investing, that this is risky, this is only for people with special abilities and so on. The best solution is to have the best educational resou

Penny Stock Tips

Here's my advice on Penny Stock Tips. Don't take them. Seriously, don't take them.

Low Risk Options Strategies - Part II

Would you be interested to know how put options can be used for speculative trading purposes? In fact, using put options properly will allow a trader or investor to control his risk. This article explains why this is the case.

Market Timing Software Does the Technical Analyses For You

Technical analysis may be one of the hardest parts of investing in the stock market. There are so many terms for the beginner to understand, not to mention the specialized knowledge that's necessary to really analyze market conditions. Before you despair of ever being able to effectively work w

Can a Roth IRA Own C-Corp Shares?

Congress has long made it a priority to encourage workers to set money aside on their own, apart from employer plans, to secure their own incomes during retirement. To that end, they created the individual retirement arrangement in 1974, and the Roth IRA in 1997, among other plans, to encourage work