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What is god's work?

Once a proud but benevolent king sent for his prime minister and said, 'All of us have some definite work or assignment to perform. A king rules, a soldier fights, a trader trades, a teacher teaches a

Who Would Jesus Look For?

But then I started thinking about the kind of people Jesus looked for and associated with when He walked the earth in human form. Curiously, none of them seemed to even remotely match the description

How to Listen to God

Have you recently realized you need daily quite time for spiritual growth, but not sure how you go about having one? The motivation is there but not sure how to make the time?

Greed and Anger: Deadly Hindrances

The second deadly hinderance is anger. Anger. There is a good kind of anger. The Bible says, "Be angry and do not sin." Anger in the right context is proper, it is godly. Jesus got ...

How to Make Palm Leaves for Sunday School

Making paper palm leaves is a simple, fun Sunday school craft that can be part of Palm Sunday and Easter celebrations and other activities. Using construction paper and a few other supplies, Sunday school teachers can help their pupils create these palm leaves with little mess or difficulty.

Strong Kamdev Stri Vashikaran Shabar Mantra Siddhi

A Shabar mantra is fairly completely different from a standard mantra. One has to attain Siddhi to use a standard mantra; however it's nothing like this just in case of this mantra. Shabar ma

What Is the Qur'an?

Over 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide recite the Qur'an in Arabic five times a day. Once only existing as an oral book recited in Arabic, the Qur'an has now been printed and translated into more than 100 languages.

Obey God in the Basic Things First

God designed us to mature gradually. His incremental design applies to both our physical and spiritual lives so we cannot escape its built-in humbling effect.

Without a Prayer: Religious Expression in Public Schools, by Robert S. Alley

What is wrong with having prayer in school? Many people in the United States believe that organized classroom prayers would be good for the moral and spiritual development of the children, and it is true that such prayers were common in schools for a very long time. Others, however, argue that schoo

Revival Bulletin Board Ideas

Churches use bulletin boards to inform members of upcoming events, and to inspire them with verse and inspirational quotations. Revival-themed bulletin boards are appropriate for almost any time during the year -- both prior to and during official revival meetings, or anytime that you think that the

Women of Faith - Celebrate What Matters: Up Close

Women of Faith will kick off the up close and personal series, Celebrate What Matters: Up Close, on February 16, 2013 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The tour will visit 10 cities and will run through May 4th.

Miracle In The Mud

Duiring his WW IIbattles, an unseen presence protected the soldier. His unseen protector delivered him from an almost certain death several times.His last battle with death resulted in a miracle so astounding that it almost defies belief. But it happened.


History witnesses that the ideas similar to Christian moral had appeared long ago before the birth of Christ, as Christian moral has lots of concepts that originate in common natural laws, fundamental

Different manifestations of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Throughout the period of the New Testament, Jesus Christ is seen besides God; although never as a second person of God, But always in one of the offices of ministries he had to fulfill, for ...