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Who Are You? Your Social Media Identity Or the Real You?

Do you remember that famous song with the lyrics that go; "Who Are You, Who, Who," well what if we apply that to social media and online social networks, then we have to ask ourselves the question; "Are we really ourselves or are we our new social media online identity?" Which on

How to Create a Successful TweetUp Using Twitter

You've got a lot of new friends on Twitter - great people, but you've never met them in person. So now is a great time to create a TweetUp for your town. You'll meet people you've "known" on social media, you'll strengthen relationships, and you'll find more a

Overcoming Facebook Marketing Myths

Many people try to avoid using Facebook to market their business. They don't really know enough about Facebook and how effective it can be for marketing purposes. Some of the more popular myths will be dispelled here.

What Does Your Social Media Footprint Say About You?

We all leave a digital mark behind us, a bread crumb trail of where we've been and what we saw. Have you ever stopped to consider that every post you make on Twitter will be logged forever?

Twitter Trending Topics and Their Effect on Online Reputation Management

If a professional or a businesses that had limited visibility on the web becomes a trending topic on Twitter even for one hour, this would create thousands of hashtags, or essentially thousands of tags that a search engine would associate with that name. A business that becomes a trending topic for

How to Make Use of Social Networks to Boost Traffic?

The success of a commercial website depends on how much traffic it gets on a daily basis. If this commercial website does not receive a good amount of traffic, it may be difficult for this website to earn money. This is why it is important for online marketers to use strategies to increase website t

Effective Online Profiles Creation For Budding Artists

These days there is no other way to build your name and reputation among the tycoons of the same industry, than building an online profile. Online profile management is a method that gives you a chance to display your sprouting skills from where you are.

Make Your Online Business Personal

There are a lot of things that you can do to your online business to make it more successful.Getting signed up with a few networking sites is an excellent way to get more coverage.

How to Use Social Media to Find People

It's a little obvious to say that social media is in popular demand right now.In general social media has come to take up a dominant part of the way the world communicates.One reason for this is the large number of different kinds of websites that can be classified as social media.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing involves using socially popular websites that are designed to inform, entertain and amuse users. SMM provides a global audience and a global stage. It has been quickly recognized in the business world as a strong marketing platform that has the potential to raise awareness of

Viral Traffic Through Social Media

Viral Marketing is an important aspect of Internet marketing. It becomes more effective when social media sites are used in accordance with viral marketing.

Social Hub Sites - Should They Be the Focus of Your Small Business Marketing?

When it comes to social networking, small business marketing and social media optimization, many individuals and businesses turn to social hub sites. Rather than focusing just on sharing bookmarks, making a connection with either other bloggers or prospective customers, or on any one component of so

Tips For Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to to develop business contacts and relationships. I am surprised how many do not utilise a number of LinkedIn's features. Here are 10 tips for using LinkedIn.

Psychology, Social Media and Digital Marketing

Understanding the role of social media in the psychology of your business It is bizarre to think that technology and psychology are so closely related when you look at the behavior of your target market. Social media, although it is still a baby in terms of businesses adopting it, cannot be denied a

How To Use Social Networks Like Myspace To Build Your Downline!

If you are not using social networks to your advantage in your networkmarketing business, you are neglecting a vital part of the web which has thepower to potentially explode your income.What are social network you ask? Well, these are online communities that areinteractive such as Myspace, Facebook

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Social Media Manager

A comprehensive guide to becoming a great social media manager. An in-depth discussion of what activities are expected of social media managers. The author also outlines how we became a social media manager and provides advice for aspiring professionals.

The Impact Of Social Bookmarking Sharing On Online Marketing's World

Do you want to learn what are the very best practices in social bookmarking sharing? First of all, an appealing headline would definitely lose its impact if the very first paragraph actually fails to further excite the attention of your readers. Study news articles which describe the simple facts or

Google+ Vs Facebook: The Best Choice for Small Business Professionals

When it comes to marketing, Google+ is currently gaining lots of attention and with good measure.It not only trumps Facebook on SEO but also on the opportunity to niche market. My advice?Get on there now and start using it to ride the wave, rather than crash underneath it.

The Benefits of Mp3 Increaser

Do you want to increase the number of tracks on your profile of MySpace? You can then definitely try out Mp3 increaser. This is incredible software which will help you to increase and enhance the list of your musical tracks. Therefore, if you have talent you can simply flaunt with the help of MySpac