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The Southern Jasper

At the very opening of the SC, before even the exposition on the symbols, we are introduced to Olocliree and are told that a truth prophesized upon a wise oracle is engraved upon a southern ...

How Much Could I Love You?

I Love You Freely, Like a Summer Breeze I Love You Most When we are Quiet by sun and Candle light.I Love Purely, and will never loose hope, for to love You alone is my Only Joy!

The Princess Academy

The Princess Academy is a delightful read, perfect for children and young adults, and rather engaging even for us 'big people.' More than your average fairy-tale, the novel creates a protagonist that exceeds the usual boundaries.

Why Take a Job in Banking?

Banking jobs are sought by a lot of people, but there are also a few who think it's too mundane. Read on to find a few reasons why you should take up a job in banking.

Book Review of Shantaram

First published in 2003, Shantaram is an autobiographic novel written by its Australian author, Gregory David Roberts that has gone on to sell more than a million copies worldwide. Still on every major best-seller list, Shantaram is the real-life story of Roberts, an escaped convict who travels to I

"Single White Vampire" by Lynsay Sands - Book Review

"Single White Vampire" tells the story of Lucern, an introvert vampire who suddenly finds himself a best-selling author. His editor, Kate, wants him to do interviews and signings. He'd rather not. But things don't quite go how he planned it...

The Poems

a) Looking like a vegetable but actually a misfit. This is the notorious plant called the weed. b) Diplomacy is noble. The innocence of diplomacy cannot be replaced by the guilt of terror.

The Sari Shop by Rupa Bajwa

Rupa Bajwa's "The Sari Shop" at first glance, is a simple, straight forward saga of a sari shop assistant Ramachand. When delved into deeply, it brings up nuggets of gold, shedding light of wisdom on realities and perplexities of life that we see about us and that we live through ever

Is it Difficult?

Is it that difficult to smile at some one? Do we consider it very hard and troublesome? This is only thing we have in abundance Give a sincere try and take a life chance You won't suffer any reprisal You will find many surprises on spring's arrival Nature may adopt different stance with go

Moving Forward - Love Poems

This article contains multiple short love poems in one article. Thanks for stopping by and come again.

Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell Book Review

Whether it is a secret in your past or a skeleton in your closet, they usually come back to haunt you! Peter was raised by his grandparents. One day he found them brutally murdered.

State Of Environmental Health In Uganda - A Community Psychologist's Perspective

There could be a difference between good orderliness of a family of an educated mother and one -who is uneducated. Education, which is understandably, the high intellectual state and tangible resourcefulness of a person -long after he or she has left school, could help scale down incidences of child

The Boy Poet From Cayuga Street(a Short Story)

When Mr. Evens turned nineteen-years old, he had now written twenty-one poems. He had Miss Marty Dickenson review them, and retype them for him, along with a bit of spell checking and correcting, back in the summer of 1966.She was twenty-seven years old, and Eddy Bacon, was twenty-nine years old, Ma

Fancy Nancy Series - Reasons to Buy the Fancy Nancy Books For Your Child

If you have a little child and you are searching for a group of books which will always keep her amused as well as interested for hours on end, you may love to consider purchasing the Fancy Nancy books. Find Out More About Fancy Nancy She is the primary figure within a variety of story books which w

The Edge of Disaster and Modern Health Care

Stephen Flynn's recent book The Edge of Disaster, featured on national public radio this week, describes a number of large scale vulnerabilities across the United States.His thoughts on pandemic flu, while certainly concerning, pale in comparison to the real numbers.Mr. Flynn describes 80 milli

Greenwich Village History -- The Real Thing

120 Charles Street, The Village: Journals & Writings 1949-1950 by Holly Beye, Bottom Dog Press, 2006 In every age and culture, young, idealistic artists have wrestled passionately with themselves, their work, and the society that ...

Betrayal of Trust by J.A. Jance

A mysterious snuff video is discovered on a teenager's phone. At first, the young girl in the video is smiling. All of a sudden the blue scarf around her neck is tightened. Is she dead? Is this some kind of game? Who is the girl?

Haiti Or Hell?

What do you do when asked to help bury thousands of dead men, women, and children? How do you handle such a thing? I've been asked, and the answers remain to be seen.