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Photo Enhance Is Possible Across Industries

Photo Enhance is an art form as old as photography. It is enabling various industries and professionals to redefine their visual output with the help of photo editing studios.

Photography Is an Art of Imagination

Photography is an art of transforming images into a story, which speak and make an impact on the mind of viewers and audience. Photography is not about expensive cameras and high-tech gadgets but it is about imagination.

Nikon D90 Digital Camera Review

I have been using a D80 for two years and just upgraded to Nikon D90. The Nikon D90 is a great camera for advanced amateurs and is an topnotch camera, it is very fast for outdoors, sports and portrait is fabulous too, capable of superb outcomes with easy handling & all the features you could wish fo

Touch of Creativity in Old-School Wedding Photography

Those days are gone when photographers were hired to attend weddings and click best moments and some posed pictures. The concept of wedding photography is rapidly changing, and professional photographers nowadays not only click random ...

Digital Photos on Canvas in the 21st Century

Exceptionalimage quality and several other advantages in digital photography have led to many people in many different situations making frequent use of this form of media.Everyone from amateur photographs to professionals it would seem, have hopped aboard the bandwagon and are taking beautiful pict

Differences in Digital Photography and Film Photography

There is a different thought process used when you are shooting with film camera compared to when you shoot with a digital camera. Besides technical differences like spatial resolution, noise & grain, dynamic range, and type of film versus type of sensor, there are the differences in how we as photo

Capturing Cinematic Moments in Perfection

His mind is everywhere. All he has is here and now. He looks at his watch, eager to spend the rest of his life with his one true love. He stands on edge, waiting for ...

How to Make Your Photos Outstanding With Simple Photo Editing Techniques

A photograph captures those special moments of yours which you will always cherish afterwards. How well it was captured and edited will sweeten your memories even more. But if the photo was not captured well it could be edited later. Here comes the important role of photo editing. Today photo editin

How to Take Good Cell Phone Pictures

Camera phones have made it easier than ever to digitally capture special moments, major events or even an amusing street sign. Now that most new cell phones come with a built-in camera, taking cell phone pictures has become less a question of convenience and more a question of aesthetics. Given the

How to Make a Camera Hat

Mounting a camera onto your hat is a great way to shoot pictures and video footage hands-free. Camera hats are particularly useful for fishermen, hunters, skateboarders and other sports enthusiasts who like to take pictures or videos while engaging in their sport. You can make an inexpensive camera

Light Drawing - How to Do Light Graffiti

One hot new trend in photography is a technique called "light drawing" or "light graffiti." The process basically involves using long exposures in a dark area with a digital camera to draw using an LED or other light source.

Scanning Negatives to Preserve Your Old Photos

You can't keep your old 35mm negatives in pristine condition forever. Unless you store them singularly in acid free sleeves, your negatives will deteriorate as time passes. Your negatives will start to fade and lose their color as well as contrast. Learn How to preserve thesenegatives easily.

3 Things to Consider in Choosing a Modeling Agency For Your Child

Children are said to be the hope of the society. As parents we have to give our full support in their chosen careers. Some kids love arts. Perhaps they can show their interest with it by doing some artworks, drawings, blending different colors and creating images. But then, there are also kids that

Digital SLR Camera Overview

In the digital age, single lens reflex (SLR) cameras remain the primary choice of professionals and enthusiasts alike. This article examines the underlying reasons for this and notes some of the drawbacks.