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About Scents That Cats Dislike

Cats can be very curious and interesting creatures. It is intriguing to attempt to understand how they perceive the world. Many objects that seem enjoyable to humans may seem to disgust their feline counterparts. Understanding a cat's sense of smell and the things that are unpleasant to it can go a

How to Train Your Cat to Stop Rubbing on You

While cats are known to be a little more difficult to train than dogs, it is possible, with patience and persistence, to stop your cat from exhibiting annoying behaviors--such as rubbing up against you. Some cats are so persistent with this that they may cause the cat owner to trip and fall over the

Instincts TC by Feline Future

Product review of Instincts TC, from Feline Future, a complete and nutritious raw food diet supplement.

How to Make Your Cat Your Favorite Pet

Most people like cats, and surveys carried out indicate that most women indeed prefer them as the ideal pet. You can make the cat your favorite pet by going for the right breed and taking good care of it to ensure that it is healthy and well fed.

Cat Want Outside? Try These Tips To Keep Him Happily Indoors

If you are a cat owner who believes cats are happier and healthier with outdoor access, here are some safe compromises to offer your indoor cat the best of both worlds, without the potential hazards of free roaming outdoors.

Choosing Your New Cat - Some Dos and Don'ts

Thinking of getting a cat? Perhaps you've finally moved into a place of your own and have always wanted one? Perhaps your kids have been bugging you for a pet - and Christmas is coming? Here's some advice for the prospective cat owner.

Cat Pancreatitis

Inflammation of the pancreas in cats is usually the result of poor nutrition in the form of dry cat food. A raw meat-based diet, high in proteins and low in carbohydrates is the solution.

How to Open a Cat Carrier

Cat carriers are a safe and secure way of transporting and containing your pet. Whether you're taking your cat to the veterinarian for the first time or evacuating during an emergency, knowing how to open a cat carrier is a simple skill that every cat owner should know and practice. While most cat c

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Lillian

Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? About.com is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines. Shown Here: Cutest Cat Contestant Lillian

Just Kittens Picture Gallery: Desiree

Everybody loves kittens, and kitten lovers particularly enjoy looking at pictures of kittens. Enjoy these reader-submitted photos of kittens then submit your own kitten pictures, using the Photo Guidelines. Please use 'Kitten Picture' as the subject of your email.

What Cat Symptoms to Look Out For?

You should never ignore cat symptoms if detected because they can serve as warnings to your pet's health which may be life threatening if untreated. To most cats' owners, their pets are just like part of their family and if any of their family members are sick, they would definitely find a

How to Take Care of Ragdoll Cats

Have you seen kittens of Ragdoll cats? They are so cute and gentle. You would feel overwhelmed after bringing them home. They will prove to be the most docile and friendly creatures for your home. Kittens of Ragdoll cats can be purchased from an experienced cat breeder.

What to Do When Your Cat's Urinary Tract is Blocked

If your cat is having pain or difficulty urinating, you may be wondering what to do when cat urinary is blocked. In this article, you'll learn what to look for, what to do and which treatment options are available.

How Does Homemade Cat Food Affect Cats?

BasicsMaking your own cat foot allows you to control what goes into it, but it is rarely beneficial to cats. Unless you are an expert, it is difficult to attain the right balance of nutrients. Making food that will sustain a healthy cat is much more complicated than making homemade dog...

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for a Dog's Joint Repair

Dog owners now have the option of lessening the effects of arthritis on their dog's hip, elbow, knee or shoulder joints through regenerative stem cell therapy. This therapy helps reduce the effects of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. With accurate information, you can determine whether

How To Bathe Your Cat

Are you wondering if you can give your cat a bath? You can give your cat a bath, however they don't always need one. Cats are generally pretty clean pets, they usually clean themselves multiple times a day.

Cats & Constipation With Kidney Failure

Chronic renal failure, a degenerative disease of the kidneys, is common in aging cats. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be cured, only treated to slow its progress and reduce symptoms. Many cats suffering from chronic renal failure develop digestive problems, including constipation, which can c