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The Five Keys to Achieving a Healthy Koi Pond

The secret to building a beautiful Koi pond that provides crystal clear water, a healthy ecosystem for Koi fish and other pond life, while also being easy to maintain is careful planning. Whatever your inspiration, the following points are intended to you help you avoid many common pond building mis

Freshwater Aquarium Setup

Setting up your first freshwater aquarium is such a feat especially if you are a beginner. However, the rewarding result of seeing the aquarium complete and full of life seems to wipe all those sweats away. Choosing your kind of freshwater fishes comes last because before you take them in their habi

Natural Cures for Fish Ick

Ick, also known as ich or white spot, is a highly contagious fish disease caused by a protozoan parasite. Ick initially appears on the fins and tail as tiny white spots, resembling grains of salt, before spreading to the fish's body. The parasite infects fish rapidly and is usually fatal if left unt

Basic Guidelines in Choosing an Aquarium

Getting a suitable tropical fish tank for your needs will make it much easier to maintain, and will bring a whole lot of fun for you and your fish. When choosing the perfect aquarium, you have to consider not only the physical features of it, but also its usability and suitability to your specific n

Harlequin Shrimp

This is a guide on the Harlequin shrimp, one of the most beautiful marine ornamental shrimp that has a very odd diet. Read more to find out.