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The Senegal Parrot - An Overview

Described as the "perfect parrot" read why and how the Senegal Parrot acquired this moniker. If you're thinking of adopting a parrot this species is a must for your consideration list.

Bird Dust - 3 Ways to Effectively Remove Bird Dust From Your Air

All birds create some dust or powder, but there are some bird species that create a lot more of it than others, and breathing this dust constantly is not healthy for you or your bird.Here are 3 ways to effectively remove bird dust from your air and create a healthier lifestyle for you and your bird.

How to Care for Peacock Chicks

Peafowl is the collective name for peacocks (the males) and peahens (the females). Care of peachicks is similar to all other poultry. They need food, water and warmth. As they grow, the type of feed they need changes from starter feed to grower feed, and then to adult feed. Also, the brooder tempera

Pet Bird Safety at Home - Things You Ought to Know

Article reveals that birds are some of the most fragile types of animals. This can be hard to believe considering that some birds can outlive their owners. Explain things a bird owner should know to ensure that their bird are safe at home.

Birding is for anyone!

Birding, or bird watching can be a fun hobby for all anyone. It can be an involving activity for all the family as well, and even extend to holidays or breaks away to persue it. You can also do it fro

How to Raise Emu Birds

Most interest in raising emus is not based on a desire to have the birds as pets, but rather to raise them as a commercial enterprise. Emu farms have seen rises and declines in their popularity, but there is certainly a niche for this large bird. If a farmer is interested in emus, is it is important

USGS Bird Identification

United States Geological Survey (USGS) is actively involved in many science areas. One of the areas is the Breeding Bird Survey, combining the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center with the Canadian Wildlife Service's National Wildlife Research Centre. Volunteer birders gather bird population data

Creating the Perfect Finches Nest

When it comes to creating a finches nest if you know what you're doing the whole process can be relatively affordable and easy. There are a few options available in terms of design and size. You could get a nest that is woven and made of natural materials. People like them because they look the

Facts About Lion-Tailed Monkeys

The lion-tailed macaque is a medium-sized monkey in the Old World monkey family known as Cercopithecidae. It belongs to the genus Macaca, which consists of over 20 different species of macaque. It is an endangered species with less than 4,000 individuals thought to be left in the wild living in a sm

Lewis's Woodpecker

Learn all about one of the most distinctive and colorful woodpeckers in North America and discover where you can see the Lewis's woodpecker.

How to Feed Pelican Babies

There are at least seven known species of pelican found worldwide, with the smallest of them, the brown pelican, being the most common in the United States. In the wild, baby pelicans reach into and feed directly on regurgitated food from the parents' pouches. As this is difficult for a human caregi


Defines the term “subterminal” as it refers to bird plumage and markings.

How to Make Homemade Gourd Bird Houses

Gourds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some gourds are edible, such as pumpkins and cucumbers, while others are inedible and are useful for making items such as bowls, jugs and birdhouses. These inedible gourds, also known as hard-shelled gourds, are dried and carved to create natural