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How to Use Travatan

Travatan is the brand name of travoprost, which is a sterile ophthalmic solution. The eye drops are prescribed to patients with certain eye conditions in order to relieve pressure caused by their condition. Patients with glaucoma as well as hypertension of the eye will often be given a prescription

Rimless Sunglasses Make Wearers More Stylish to Look At

Almost all people have dreamed to have special summer with a pair of high fashion sun glasses. However, they will find that it is really very hard to tell which ones are most suitable, for there are countless items to be selected in the market. Basically, people are suggested to choose on the basis

5 Easy and Effective Tips to Prevent Myopia in Children

Nobody wants to suffer from myopia, a kind of illness that prevents someone from seeing distant objects clearly. Although corrective measures such as wearing a pair of glasses or contact lenses are widely available, it can be quite a hassle and may even cause a dent in your wallet. Instead, here are

What You Need to Know About Contact Lenses

You have decided to go for contact lenses, but youre not sure if youll be able to wear them all the time or if you can handle them properly? Here are some recommendations that you should take into consideration...

Your Lasik Fears Answered

Over the years people have developed fears about LASIK. We answer a few of your fear related questions here.

Choose Your Replacement Lenses Wisely

If your current lenses no longer satisfy your needs, lose no more precious time and start shopping for replacement lenses. If you want to continue reading your favorite books and watch your favorite TV series, leave aside any problem you might have and focus on finding good eye glass lenses.

How to Survive From Trachoma

Trachoma is an eye infection that can cause blindness if it isn't treated. While uncommon in more developed countries, trachoma is more prevalent in poor African countries. This eye infection is caused by a highly contagious bacteria. It's spread through contact with an infected person's secretions.

How Long Does Latisse® Take to Work?

Eyelashes add life to your expressions and draw attention to your eyes, one of the most prominent features of your face. When eyelashes are thin, your eyes can look startled or unnaturally wide, detra

Pregnancy and Vision

Pregnant women are often surprised when their vision changes, but the hormonal and physical changes that accompany pregnancy can affect eyesight.

The benefits of Lasik eye surgery

There are innumerable people throughout the world who suffer from poor vision or other eye problems but are too tired to wear glasses or contact lenses. Often they seek medical treatment that can help

Guide For Laser Eye Surgery

For those who desire an end to the dependency on contact lenses and glasses, well laser eye surgery can be your best choice. Laser surgery since its inception, has successfully enhanced and improved millions of people vision throughout the world. With laser surgery you are guaranteed a better qualit

Here's a Quick Way to Improve Eye Sight Without Glasses, Contacts, Or Surgery

When you think about improving your eyesight, natural therapies are not usually the first thing that occurs to you. Most people make an immediately turn to their eye doctor, and resign themselves to the fact that they will be purchasing new glasses, contact lenses, or even considering Lasik surgery.

How Does the Eye Work?

CorneaLight first enters a person's eye through their cornea. Corneas have been compared to the lens cover on a camera. If the lens cover or the cornea is closed by way of the eyelid, then no light enters and you can not see a thing. When they open the light enters and you begin your...