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How to File Candidates With the Oregon Secretary of State

Running for public office can be a daunting task. Along with raising money and campaigning, there is the need to woo potential voters and engage in policy debates. Those wishing to run for office in the state of Oregon also need to file their candidacy through the secretary of state's office. It is

The Political Dilemma of Pakistan

With days passing quickly, the political condition of Pakistan is also getting worse. With factors like terrorism, corruption, nepotism, kickbacks, illiteracy, poverty and economic slump, Pakistan is on the verge of a major collapse.

How to Fold an Irish Flag

An Irish flag features three equally sized blocks of color--from left to right, green, white and orange. The green represents the native people, mostly Catholics. The orange represents the people brought in from England by King William of Orange, most Protestants. White represents the peace between

How Can I Get an Absentee Vote for Pennsylvania?

if you are unable to get to a polling station in Pennsylvania on election day, it doesn't mean you can't vote -- you can register as an absentee voter and vote by mail. You can register as an absentee voter in Pennsylvania if you are too sick or disabled to get to a polling station, a member of the

President Vincent Fox Does Not Like the New Immigration Law One Bit

The Presidente of Mexico; Senior Vincent Fox, former Coca Cola Executive who wants to legalize drugs in Mexico has now gone on record several times stating that he does not like that new US Immigration Laws or Plan that the President of the United States of America spoke about in his special domesti

How to Get Single-Member Districts on the Ballot

Single-member district voting systems offer the opportunity for all areas in a city or state to be represented. Getting single-district voting on a ballot is difficult. Almost all successful single-member district ballot initiatives have the support of an active lobbying campaign. It requires signif

Illegal Protests; The Beginning of a Movement

Illegal alien protesters and illegal immigration amnesty supporters claim that the boycott and the many protest marches are only the beginning of a movement, which is just starting.Today they promised television cameras and the world that they will not stop until they get what they want.

How to Buy Flags Online

The United States has become a blend of folks from every place on Earth, and it's only natural to want to display symbols that remind us of a current or former home. That's why so many people are erecting flagpoles and flying the flags of their favorite nations. Do you have roots abroad, or have you

How to Make Your Own Scottish Sash

Scottish women wear a sash -- made from a tartan plaid -- across the upper body, diagonally from the right shoulder to the left hip. The sash is held in place with a pin on the right shoulder. The wife of the clan chief wears her sash from the left shoulder to the right hip, to designate her station

Populist Roots Waiting on Republicans

Republicans cannot go in this same direction any longer. The "Party of the Rich" is paying the price. Unpopular wars along with the deportation of jobs has caught up to the party. Time to go back to "old school" philosophy of being "American" first.

The Democrats Have a Mandate!

The Democrats claim to have a mandate and even Nancy Pelosi claims to have a mandate? Sure she does from her own district where it is completely unbalanced like the rest of America where 90% of her voters are clearly left wingers. Sure the Democrats have a majority, but it is really slim 232 to 201i

The Canadian Political System

The Canadian Political system dates back to the days of the British empire though has now evolved. With the British Queen as the head of state and Provincial self government this is most definitely a unique and intriguing democracy.

Guantanamo Bay

This is a United State's Navy base in Cuba. It has served as a joint military prison and interrogation centre since 2002. The prison holds people the United States of America suspects to be Al Qaeda or Taliban operatives as well as other people who are no longer suspects but are waiting to be r

OSHA Regulations & Guidelines

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created to prevent work-related injuries, sicknesses and deaths. To accomplish this, the agency issues and enforces rules and regulations for workplaces.

Why Couldn't I Have Voted For Mickey Mouse?

Article talks about how divided the United States people have become. The elected officials in Washington would rather fight than work together and because of this, American's future is in jeopardy.

Give War a Chance

Somewhere in America there is still a genuine Patriotic 100% Americans who believes in the War in Iraq. In this biting satire, Dr. Brasch found such a person.

Top 5 Reasons to Write Your Senator

There are many reasons to write to your representatives. Political representatives are there to represent your opinion and to hear what the opinions are of the people they represent.

All That Is Necessary

Each one of our votes is important and will make a difference.It is our vote that portrays the complete picture of the mind and will of the people. Let's get out and vote and make our will known.Let's have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Bob Miller, You' re Way Too Cruel

I know better than anyone else that I use way too much passion to make my point. It's just that until Obama came along I haven't witnessed the soft-spoken words of gentle people being heard. I'm glad things are changing. Anyone can become angry – that's easy.