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Implementing a Personal Health Record in Pediatrics

This study shows how a bidirectional link between the EMR of an academic children's hospital and a interoperable personal health record can empower patients, their families, and providers.

Cheating in Medical School

How pervasive is the problem of cheating in medical school? This review investigates the prevalence of cheating and its causes, and offers suggestions for prevention.

Is Cognitive Aging Predicted by Educational Level?

Results of early studies suggested that education slowed cognitive decline, but subsequent reports challenged this finding. Could methodological flaws explain these inconsistent results?

Hashimoto's Encephalopathy

This complication of autoimmune thyroiditis responds to steroid therapy, not thyroxine replacement.

RAS Testing of Colorectal Carcinoma

This paper outlines recent recommendations on KRAS and NRAS testing of colorectal cancer specimens in the United Kingdom.

Living and Dying With Severe COPD

COPD is debilitating psychologically as well as physically. This unusual study looks at the patient's perception of their illness by means of their own personal narratives.