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What Is a Densuke Watermelon?

Nothing says summer like a slice of sweet, juicy watermelon. While this vine-ripened melon is commonly associated with American summer holidays, barbecues and picnics, this flavorful fruit is actually a summertime favorite all over the world. Available in a mind-boggling array of colors and sizes, o

Plants For Aviaries

While an aviary provides ample space for birds to fly and go about their lives, plants will make it a more natural, realistic environment. Not all plants are suitable for aviaries, though -- some can even be toxic to birds. It's important to incorporate only plants that are bird-friendly. It's also

List of Australian Native Plants

Forget-me-nots are native to Australia, Europe and Asia.forget me not flower image by Julianna Olah from Fotolia.comConsidering Australia's geography, which encompasses vast deserts, vibrant tropical rain forests and miles of shoreline, it should come as no surprise that the country is...

The Best Tomatoes for Low Acid

There is some confusion over tomato acidity. Tomatoes in general are acidic. Some varieties are less acidic, but the difference is minimal. According to the West Virginia University Extension Service, it is the ratio of acid to sugar, not the amount of acid, that explains the difference in flavor. F

Types & Descriptions of Sand & Clay Soil

Soil texture affects water drainage in the soil and can be a major factor in gardening success.cracked soil image by Ana de Sousa from Fotolia.comSoil texture is often the main obstacle to a successful garden because gardeners are stuck with whatever type of soil is on their property....

When to Repot a Gardenia Bush

Gardenia shrubs grow well in containers and patio pots where they fill the air with perfume from their richly scented white flowers. Plant gardenias in containers and enjoy them outside during spring and summer. In the fall, when night temperatures drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, bring the pots in

Fungus in My Vegetable Garden

Fungal diseases can kill the plants in your vegetable garden or lead to poor production and a small harvest. Determining what type of fungus is plaguing your plants gives you the necessary knowledge to find the best course of action. Not all fungal diseases are curable, so it's vital to diagnose the

Best Grafts for Tropical Fruit Trees

Best grafts chosen by researchers for 13 tropical fruits are listed here! Breadfruit, avocado, mango, jackfruit, and rambutan, and more are listed here, along with links for further reading for other species.

Flower-Drying Method With Silica Gel

Flowers often mark special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. When you receive a special bouquet, the flowers usually last only a few days before they begin to wilt and die. Preserving fresh flowers by drying them is one way to enjoy special flowers for a much longer time. While

How to Harvest & Dry Butter Beans

Butter beans, also known as lima beans, are popular in Southern cuisine. After thriving in full sun, they are harvested in about 65 to 80 days. After harvesting, butter beans can be dried out to use throughout the winter season and into the next springtime. Harvesting and drying out this bean varie

Hoya Leaf Damage

Hoya plants are tropical vines or shrublike plants that are part of the milkweed family. They have fleshy leaves and flowers coated in a waxy substance. Hoyas are easy to grow and don't need much care. Diseases aren't a major problem, but there are a few diseases along with several insect pests that

Parts of a Complete Flower

Flowers have up to four basic parts. Those that don't have all four are called incomplete, while those that do are complete. The four basic parts are the calyx, the corolla, the androecium and the gynoecium. You'll always be able to easily find the parts of a complete flower because they are always

How to Grow Hydrangeas in Alaska

Depending on where you live in Alaska, average winter temperatures could reach as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit with occasional dips to 60 degrees below. So, the first step you need to take to grow hydrangeas in the state is to find a variety that's hardy to the cold it will encounter. The "Anc

How to Water a Cactus

Most people think of a cactus as a plant that does not require any water. Images of cacti littering the desert abound in media and reinforce this perception. In reality, cacti require plenty of water. However, they require less water than many other plants. In fact, watering a cactus often requires

Shrubs Not Unhealthy to Dogs

Your dog is part of your family, so you want your yard to offer a safe space for him to run and play. Along with avoiding thorny plants that can damage those tender paws and keeping all plants in the nightshade family, such as larkspur, foxglove and tomatoes, away from your pup, you'll need to plant

Symbolism of a Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

The weeping cherry blossom tree is one of more than 100 varieties of cherry trees found in Japan. Cherry trees blossom briefly in the spring, and their blooming is cause for celebration by the Japanese people. Cherry trees hold a significant place in Japanese culture, and can be seen dotting Japan's

Homemade Garden Chimes

Wind chimes add a lyrical and scintillating sound to any outdoor setting. While you can purchase them, making your own wind chimes for your patio or porch is not difficult. With a few simple tools and the right materials, you can complete a simple set of wind chimes made of copper pipe that is pleas

How to Hide in a Lime Tree

The lime tree is a flowering, evergreen tree, the fruit of which is prized by chefs and is a common flavoring in Mexican dishes and beverages. Depending upon species, a lime tree can grow to 20 feet in height (Tahiti lime) and have short, sharp thorns (key lime). Because of the latter, hiding in a l

What Are the Treatments for Noxious Submersible Pond Plants?

Submerged plants are common in lakes and ponds. Although there are many beneficial native species, sooner or later, exotic and potentially harmful species are bound to find their way into your pond. Hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil and parrot feather are some especially aggressive examples.

How to Plant a Fraser Fir in Virginia

According to Virginia Tech, Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) is native to the mountains of southwestern Virginia, but can be planted in any part of the state. Because it grows more slowly than its relative, white pine, you may wish to plant a 3- to 5-year-old sapling to get a good start. Its soft, fragran