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What Hardwood Floors Are the Best?

Most hardwood floors are made from white oak, red oak, cherry, maple, hickory, white ash or pecan wood. However, selecting a wood species is just one step in choosing the hardwood floor that matches a client's lifestyle, budget and preferences. What is best for one individual may not be for another.

How to Fast Cure Concrete

When you lay a concrete finish, you do not want to cure it too quickly. When concrete it cured in a rush, it can become brittle and easily broken. A solution is to take the appropriate measures to cure the concrete at the optimal speed while still ensuring you are left with a strong, sturdy finish.

How to Compare Dyson Sweepers

Dyson sweepers are bagless vacuums that utilize a cyclonic vacuuming function to suck up dirt, dust and animal fur. The patented design and features of Dyson sweepers distinguish them from other bagless vacuums in their class.

How to Prevent Tire Dry Rot

Tire dry rot occurs for a variety of reasons such as exposure to certain chemicals or solvents, harsh temperatures or improper storage methods. The tiny sidewall cracks that often appear on the sidewalls of tires are telltale signs that the tires have not been cared for appropriately. Avoiding certa

How to Get Candle Wax Out of a Couch

A candle is a beautiful way to add some warmth and coziness to your home, but candle wax can get messy. Once a candle has dripped onto furniture, the wax dries almost immediately and can be daunting to remove. Save your couch by taking immediate steps to remove the wax without leaving permanent dam

How to Remove Permanent Marker From Oak Wood

Removing permanent marker from oak wood without damaging the wood is tricky business. Though it might seem counter-intuitive, permanent marker can be removed with a simple home remedy that adds to the stain before removing it.

DIY Mold Cleaning

Mold cleaning definitely can be a do-it-yourself project. Cleaning up the mold will not only improve your home's look and smell, but also make it a safer environment. This is because mold can be detrimental to your health, particularly your respiratory system, and some types of mold are also conside

How Can I Remove the Paint I Painted on My Kitchen Floor Five Years Ago?

Painting over a kitchen floor might seem a good idea -- until it comes time to remove the paint. What once was applied so easily proves, five years later, much more difficult to remove. Whether on a concrete, wood, vinyl or other type of floor, the process of removal is much the same. To completely

The Advantages of Reconditioned Tools

Reconditioned tools are sold for a number of reasons. Some retailers allow consumers to return tools for any reason within an allotted time period. A tool may be returned even though it is in good working order, or it may be a demonstration model used by the store. In either case, the tool can't be

How to Form a Butt Joint

Butt joints are widely used in making furniture and construction of buildings. In most instances, butt joints are used in joining wood pieces together. There are various methods of making a butt joint, and which type you'll need will depend on what you are joining together. Similarly, different kind

How to Remove the Smell of Curdled Milk From Wood

Wood furniture and flooring is porous in nature and absorb moist stains. When a milk spill on wood is left unattended, it eventually sours, leaving a curdled mess. Even after the curdled milk is removed, the sour odor can linger in the wood. A thorough cleaning with supplies that deodorize the wood

About Painting Concrete

Painting concrete can be a real hassle if certain steps aren't followed. Since every slab of concrete has its own quirks, it's best to do some research. The first thing to research is the concrete that needs the paint. What do you know about the concrete? If it is a carport, you will need to know if

How to Keep Laundry From Fading

Keeping the rich color in your clothes helps them look as good as they did the day you bought them. It also gives you a nicer-looking wardrobe for a longer time. Incorrect washing and drying habits can accelerate the rate at which your clothes fade. You can keep your colors fresh and crisp-looking b

How to Remove Wine Stains With OxiClean

Wine stains can be tricky to remove due to the tannin content. Especially concerning red wines, even if you sop up all of the excess wine right after the spill occurs, there are still visible signs of staining. OxiClean is a laundry booster and stain remover comprised of washing soda, also known as

How to Care for Travertine or Ceramic

Ceramic and travertine are both popular choices for the floors, countertops and bathroom areas of homes. These type of applications are chosen not only for their beauty and elegance, but also for their durability. While durable, both ceramic and travertine need to be cared for properly in order to r

How to Make Soap Powder

Soap powder has a variety of household uses including laundry, dishes and cleaning the kitchen and bath areas. Not only is it versatile, it is also very effective, and a little goes a long way. Soap powder is also easy to make and only requires a few common household ingredients. Most of the ingredi

How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Dishes

It's hard to impress company when your dishes are covered in unsightly hard-water stains. Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits on whatever it touches, such as bathroom fixtures and dishes. Though harmless, these stains tend to detract from the overall appearance and feel of dishes. Removing the

The Rules for Initials on Male Handkerchiefs

Carrying a handkerchief, let alone a monogrammed one, has fallen out of style for most men. But, there was a time when it was a standard item in a man's pocket. That rule is making a comeback in some circles, according to The Art of Manliness website. If a man chooses to keep a handkerchief, he shou

What Is the Best Way to Clean Porch Screens?

A screened-in porch is a beautiful addition to any home. It allows you to enjoy nature in rain or shine. One of the downsides of having a room enclosed in mesh screen is the buildup of dirt, pollen and dust, which obstructs air flow and causes allergies to go haywire. Porch screens can last for many