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How to Identify Tiffany Silver Plates

A silver plate from Tiffany & Co. likely is the creation of designer Elsa Peretti, who has been designing silver home decor for the jewelry house for more than 30 years. Peretti joined the Tiffany staff in 1974, Tiffany.com reports, with sterling silver designs that "came directly from nature: bones

How to Replace Glue-Down Flooring

Glue-down hardwood flooring uses a string adhesive layer to bind hardwood planks to a subfloor, creating a bond that's meant to last the lifetime of your home. Because of this, removing the flooring once its down is no light task. It requires the complete destruction of the floorboards, and then the

What Is the Best Way to Cut Laminate Flooring?

Installing laminate flooring is a popular home improvement project among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. This is due in part because the installation process is relatively simple and usually easily well within the skills of an amateur. If you are going to install your laminate floor yourself, you should

How to Fold a Pair of Jeans

Want to fold your jeans so they create a neat, minimalist stack in your closet? Use the method retailers use when putting jeans on display!

How to Adjust TrafficMaster Tiles

TrafficMaster floor tiles have interlocking edges, just like puzzle pieces. Connect them together to cover an entire room or to create an area rug. If one or more tiles become heavily soiled, remove only those tiles and replace them. You could also change the pattern of your TrafficMaster rug by rem

DIY Peg Board Room Divider

Make a room divider that doubles as an organizational structure by using pegboard. Pegboards allow you to hang anything from tools to cooking pots in a versatile manner that is easy to access. The room divider consists of three hinged panels with pegboards as the covering on both sides. Painting the

High Pool Filter Pressure Troubleshooting

Backwashing a filter is the treatment for high filter pressure. When the pressure gauge reads 8 to 10 psi above the normal operating pressure of your particular filter, then it's time to backwash. The process for cleaning and backwashing a filter involves cleaning the filter so it's free of dirt and

Do-It-Yourself Passive Solar Panels

Passive solar panels are affordable alternatives to pricey photovoltaics. The panels are essentially just boxes covered by pieces of black metal so that the air inside is heated. They are easy to move when necessary. The heat cost savings these panels generate quickly justify the cost of the materia

How to Hang a Closet Rod on Plaster Walls

Plaster is an old-fashioned wall covering that was more popular in the mid-1900s. Plaster is brittle and easily cracks when you try to nail or screw things into it. It is applied over lathe, which are thin pieces of wood that provide a framework and support for the plaster. To install a closet rod s

Linoleum Vs. Ceramic Tile

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom flooring, linoleum and tile are popular options. Linoleum often is associated with institutional buildings such as schools and hospitals. But there is a new generation of linoleum that, like tile, has many benefits.

How to Process Mulberry Bark Into Cloth

Civilizations have been making textiles from plants for thousands of years. As human society now strives to be more sustainable and self-sufficient in many different areas, there are large creative spaces waiting to be filled with new types of craftsmanship and home industries. Learning how to make

How to Build Exterior Stairs

Building exterior stairs is not as complex a task as it once was. The advent of precut stringers eliminates the need to do difficult calculations and make repetitive cuts. Stringers are available at a variety of lengths to meet just about any stair need and are found at most home improvement stores

Can You Use a Dry Well for an Outdoor Sink?

If you want to build an outdoor kitchen, you have to consider how you're going to connect up your sink, both for water supply and outflow. You have to find a way to get rid of used water once you connect the sink to a water source. In some cases, a dry well -- a pit dug in the ground to collect and

How to Mix Grout for Tile

According to Ask the Builder.com, grouting tile takes a lot of skill. The grout can be ruined at the start of the project by adding too much water when mixing. Humidity levels affect the grout--in high humidity, you need to use less water. The amount of grout you need depends on the size of your gro

How to Build 2X4 Roof Truss

Traditionally, roofs have been supported by two gables, attached to each other by a ridge beam which is further supported by angled beams from the top of the wall to the ridge known as rafters. The rafter ends were then connected to horizontal beams known as joists that held the walls together, tied

Repairing Drywall Cracks Above a Door Frame

Drywall -- a gypsum mixture pressed between two paper boards -- is a common building material used in homes. The drywall boards are placed side by side, and the seams are hidden by drywall tape. Typically, seams are kept away from doors, since doors are highly susceptible to shifting as the house se

How to Unplug Weeping Tiles

A weeping tile isn't really a tile, but a pipe installed in the ground that absorbs water from your home. There are slits in the pipe that allow water to seep through, hence the name: weeping tile. Once in a while, sewage can seep into the pipe and cause blockage, resulting in water overflow in your

How to Update a Kitchen on a Budget

Most of us don't have enough money to remodel a kitchen. But there are things you can do without taking out a second mortgage.

How to Remove a Black Carpet Pad Stuck on Tile

Carpet pads that are stuck on tile may have adhesive to keep the carpet from sliding. Carpet pads can come in many colors such as white and black depending on the type or carpet that was placed on the tile. Removing the carpet pad can be problematic because pieces may stick to the tile or the pad ma