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Lightning McQueen from Disney/Pixar Cars

CARS the movie is one of the hottest movie for licensees in years! Don't believe me? Try buying one of the little diecast cars. The suggested retail price of $3.99 might be available if you are lucky enough to be in a store when they are being put on the shelves.

Embroidery - An Easy Art to Learn

Embroidery is an art and craft that should be properly mastered and important learning is required if you really wish to learn this art. It is an old art that is done with the help of needle. Different designs and motifs can be designed with the help of this craft. This craft is nothing new. It has

Navy Challenge Coins - Praising Those People Who Serve

The actual commemorative Navy blue problem coins tend to be another type that's provided to honor the areas of people in the Navy blue. They may consist of just about all skill levels in the yeoman towards the air visitor’s controller.

Whites Detector

Owning a Whites Metal Detector is a dream becoming reality for many detectorists. Whites Metal Detectors came into existence around the 1950s, at about the time of looking for Uranium. Whites are among the best players from the metal detector industry, but getting one comes at a premium when it come

Tips For Trading Your Stamps

A great way to add variety, value, and interest to your collection is through trading stamps, which will even allow collectors to save money and eliminate any unwanted stamps within their collection. The most important part of trading stamps is by trading stamps with friends or trusted associates fo

Medusa Costume

See a photo of a Medusa Halloween costume made by K. Sexton.

Ancient Coins For Sale - Where to Buy Ancient Coins

Ancient coins for sale dazzle the mind of the numismatic enthusiast (coin collector) whenever they see these specimens of history. To be able to possess the coins that paid the wages of gladiators, to own some coins from the Qing dynasty of China or to acquire the coins used by the samurai to buy a

Mystery Item #7

Mystery Item can you figure out what this antique was used for?

Remote Control Cars And Trucks

Remote Control Cars and Trucks are a great past-time fun. Anybody from a child to an adult will enjoy hours of excitement.

Graduation Coloring Pages

Print out these free graduation related color pages and create your own special coloring book!

Upper Deck's Online Fantasy Game SportsNut

With Spring Training winding down and the start of the baseball season right around the corner The Upper Deck Company launches its fan favorite online game SportsNut. After a successful debut, SportsNut returns with new twists and bigger prizes. The easy-to-play online fantasy game and cards can be

Keep Design in Line With Continuous Quilting Stencils

When designing a quilt there are times when the quilter may want the border or the block to be continuous along all four sides, or two sides. To accomplish this she will want to use continuous quilting stencils to keep everything even and straight. No matter if it is for the edges of the blocks or t

Make Your Own Gemstones on a Budget With Used Lapidary Equipment

If you believe that beautiful creations can come out of rocks, then you need used lapidary equipment. People that love to be creative with different rocks, find it extremely hard to get their hands on this lapidary equipment. Many people will turn their heads from the equipment because of how expens

Narrow Gauge Model Railways - Why Model Them?

Most of us start out with a 'Train-set' of one form or another. Indeed I can still vividly recall the joy of my first 00 layout on a single 8x4 base board hinged from my bedroom wall that my father kindly set up and mostly built for me. Many hours were spent working on this layout and a hu

Princess Di Bust

Who is Don Winton? If you are a cookie jar collector - You already know and are probably familiar with these cute jars, but take a look at his Princess Di sculpture. Bowl

Frame Your Memories With Picture Frames

Say cheese! Does this line sound familiar? These are definitely the two most said and heard words when we take a picture or pose for it. The instance that it is uttered, we immediately wear our biggest smiles and happy faces.

Recreational Hobbies

Recreation times are essential to rejuvenate a person. Read the article below to learn various recreational hobbies.