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Homemade Wall Drink Holders

A floating shelf is an effective way to create a wall-mounted drink holder. The shelf consists of a top, bottom, sides and front. The back is left open and is slipped over a board that is mounted the wall to conceal the mounting apparatus. It will create a sleek and stylish surface for holding drink

How to Make Peppermint Topiaries

Create a whimsical candy centerpiece for a Christmas table or a cheerful holiday vignette, by making peppermint topiaries. The red and white candies will jump out from draped, green, pine garland decorations or a wintry table covered with snowflakes. Gather your family for a crafting activity during

Hot Wire Foam Cutter Wire Attachment Method

Once you have decided on the design of your hot wire foam cutter, you need a method for attaching the cutting wire to the frame of the cutter. Any wire that has medium resistance should work. Unwrapped steel guitar strings are well suited to the task. Aluminum or copper wires should not be used beca

How to Find the Value of Foreign Stamps

Most foreign stamps never attain a market value greater than their postage. The value of a stamp is determined primarily by its watermark, the quality of the stamp overall and the rarity of the stamp. Thus, finding the value of a foreign stamp requires assessing where the stamp is situated along eac

About Laboratory Methods

Many of the discoveries that have changed our world were made in laboratories. Laboratories may be found anywhere from basements in buildings on college campuses to orbiting stations in space. What they all have in common are the methods used by the scientists who conduct research in them. From the

How to Clear Firewood

Many people want to obtain firewood but are concerned about the safety, sustainability and practicality of clearing their own firewood. Questions arise about which trees should be cut, when to cut the trees, how to cut and dry the wood and how the clearing will affect the land. Since it is possible

Wooden Welcome Crafts

Wooden crafts to welcome people to your home include a wooden welcome sign or a wooden sign that has your house number. Wooden signs are moderately easy to do by anyone and do not require expensive supplies. You can also decorate the signs with a solar light with a few easy steps.

How to Make Gift Boxes & Containers

Creative types who prefer to give personalized gifts might prefer to customize the containers for their gifts, too. The packaging of a gift can influence a person's perception of the gift itself, so consider employing a few extra techniques to ensure your present is well-received. A gift container d

DNA Fingerprinting Basics

DNA fingerprinting receives its name from the traditional pratice of indentifying people based on their fingerprints. Instead of fingersprints, DNA fingerprinting examines the protein-based code that provides the basis for all cell activity. This method is more accurate, gives much more information

How to Round a Square Peg With a Table Saw

Rounding a square peg on a table saw can be done in just a few minutes by making consecutive passes. This is sometimes done on fine furniture when certain custom sizes of parts are not available. The only required change to your saw is the addition of a small wooden fence that allows the blade to be

What Are the Parts of an AC Generator?

Devices that run using electrical power (phones, computers, dishwashers and coffee machines) are used on a daily basis and make our lives easier. Electricity is brought to our homes with the use of electrical generators. The modern electrical generators work on the same basis as the generator invent

Who Invented Echocardiography?

Echocardiography uses ultrasound to make two-dimensional images of the heart. This allows physicians and medical personnel to determine the status of the beating heart. Echocardiography was developed in the mid-20th century by a Swedish doctor and advanced by a number of doctors worldwide.

How to Test Westinghouse Oil-Filled Capacitors

Perform a test on an oil-filled Westinghouse capacitor to prevent placing a faulty piece of equipment in a machine. If the capacitor is already in a machine such as a welder, testing it may diagnose a starting or power problem. Standard capacitors store electrical energy between two parallel, metal

How to Build a Log Cabin Out of Popsicle Sticks

If you've been searching for a fun and (relatively) easy project to tackle with your kids, the answer may lie in Popsicle sticks. Yes, you read that correctly--Popsicle sticks. Put enough Popsicle sticks together the right way...and you can create a sturdy log cabin. Here's how.

What Type of Soil Is in the Blue Ridge Mountain Region?

The Blue Ridge Mountains are renowned for their beauty and blue appearance from a distance. The soils and shape of the Blue Ridge Mountains are consequences of the region's geologic past. Characterized by steep slopes and hard rocks, the soils of the Blue Ridge Mountains are not renowned for their a

How to Build a Prize Wheel

Nothing attracts a healthy crowd like a prize wheel. Games of chance can be fun for all ages, and when used at your station in a business event or a fair, they can increase interest in your goods and services. A fully decorated homemade prize wheel not only costs less than a store-bought assembly, b

How to Attach a Lionel Command Base to a Track

Lionel trains were created by inventor Joshua Lionel Cowen around the turn of the 20th century. Since the company's founding, countless children have received Lionel train sets under the tree as Christmas gifts. Over the years, as technology has advanced, so have Lionel trains. The Lionel Command B

How to Anodize Aluminum to Produce Color

Anodizing is a process that increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on a metal's surface. Aluminum oxides readily and is the most commonly anodized metal. Anodizing aluminum increases its corrosion resistance and improves the adhesion of its surface, making it easier to apply paint. The o

How to Install a "Dark Age of Camelot" EMU

"Dark Age of Camelot" is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) that captures the imagination of players and allows them to explore, quest and socialize together in an online world. While MMORPGs are loved by many, they are flawed by the inability to play offline. Players can no