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Florida State Health Insurance

Florida state health insurance is the best solution for people who are denied sufficient insurance coverage due to their medial conditions. This is an affordable health insurance plan initiated by the Florida Legislature. The flexibility of state health insurance is far superior to the normal choice

Medical Office Billing Software - Am I Ready For EMR?

If you are actively looking for medical office billing software to run your practice, read on. Due to the upcoming growth in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) you want to make sure you are buying medical billing software that you can grow with. The last thing you want to do is buy a software package

Lower Health Insurance Rates - Four Things That Will Help

17 percent of the American population does not have any type of health insurance. This is culled from a report by the American Census Bureau. And this would have been worse if not for group health plans that have made it possible for a good portion of those who have it.

Mental Health Coverage - Antidepressants

If you suffer from any kind of mental disorder, you probably know all too well the lengths insurance companies will go to in order to deny legitimate claims. Many insurance companies do not offer mental health coverage because they do not want to lose money. Health insurance companies particularly h

Soon All Employee Health Insurance Benefits Will Be Voluntary

Employee health insurance benefits are trending from company paid and sponsored towards voluntary or employee paid benefits. Health care costs are rising for everyone and the landscape is changing. Risings costs of health care are forcing employers to raise employee contributions, while simultaneous

How to Compare Health Care Plans

The high cost of medical insurance puts a strain on family budgets across America but living without insurance is a recipe for financial ruin. Comparing health care coverage can decrease this strain while still safeguarding against medically induced bankruptcy. To effectively compare health ca

Medical Billing Books - Important Considerations Before Buying

What to look for when buying medical billing books. If you search for books on the Internet, the choice can be overwhelming and it's hard to separate the pretenders from the experts. Learn what to look for when purchasing Medical Billing Books online.

California State Law Allowing Someone to Having an Advance Directive

An advance directive allows you to record your health care decisions prior to losing the ability to make decisions or express those decisions to others. The state of California allows residents to make these forms and has specific statutes that address their construction and use. These statutes are

Steps in Closing Life Insurance Gaps

If you have a family to protect, you need to have sufficient life insurance. Life insurance policies are designed to allow those you leave behind to continue with their current lifestyle, even when you are gone. It can take more money than you might think to replace even a middle class income, so it

Health Care Reform - History of Fiscal Folly

As Statesman and Philosopher Sir Edmund Burke once stated "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." This quote speaks volumes when you put into perspective of the present day fiasco of Massachusetts attempt at Health Care Reform and the past Health Care Reform efforts

4 Strategies to Reduce Healthcare Costs For Your Business

While the majority of the healthcare reform provisions do not take effect until 2014, there are several mandates added in 2010 that will drive up premiums. Now is the time to begin to build your long term strategy. Here are several points that will help you keep your increases under control.

Where to Get Cheap Health Insurance

Health insurance is needed by most everyone from college students to an individual professional and even a sole proprietor. One tough task that many people face is where to get cheap health insurance coverage. There are many types of insurance plans available with variable premium rates, depending o

The Difference Between the Uninsured & Underinsured

The uninsured and the underinsured primarily relate to health insurance in the US. While these problems have traditionally been associated with people of low income, evidence shows that the problem is growing in the middle and upper class.

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance, (EBL)

This can be a stand-alone policy but is usually an endorsement that is provided on other policies. This policy typically protects the organization and its administrative staff from errors and omissions that can arise from employee benefit plans.

What is Temporary Health Insurance For?

Temporary health insurance, also recognized as short-term health insurance plans, is an insurance policy legitimate just for a restricted period of time. Health insurance is described as a kind of insurance plan whereby the insurer covers up the medical costs of the insured when he/she becomes sick