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Electric Stair Lifts - How to Select the Best Stair Lifts

Electric stair lifts come in different styles and models these days. Every style and model has its own special feature that sets it apart from another. There are styles or models that may be cheaper but do not work perfectly for the user.

Leaving Independence - Taking Mom's Car, Part II

What's the best line of defense for taking away a person's driving privileges, and how do you accomplish it?Start with the state licensing department, and come prepared with doctor recommendations, for a start.

Critical Illness Cover: A Must to Meet Any Medical Exigency

When one is healthy and fit, it is hard to even think of any critical illness, and if you ask any young man, he would scoff any suggestion of a critical illness cover. But with rising pollution and many new diseases raising their heads again, it is probably in your own interest to brace for any medi

Advantages Unlimited - Customized Healthcare Plans For Everyone

Did you ever think of a medical care program that takes care of our healthcare not only in terms of money but also in providing customized door step service? Some healthcare companies wouldn't mind in taking that extra mile in providing additional benefits on a single medical care plan.This art

Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Homes - Communication Tips

As a long term care administrator I have experienced many family members over the years that have been great advocates for their loved ones in my assisted living and skilled nursing communities. I have also seen many who have worked hard at being an advocated but who have been less than effective. I

Nursing Management Basics

Nursing management is about administration, organization and having the ability to control staff and the department that they are responsible for. It is about making correct decisions with regard to their staff and patient's welfare.

7 Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Medical Alert System

The following questions will help you make the correct decision when choosing a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for yourself or a loved one. In an emergency, every second counts. And when you are unable to get to a phone to call for help, time can mean the difference between life and death

Food Intolerance and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

One of the main causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be food intolerance. And it is well worth finding out if this is the case with you. Food intolerance and food allergies are two very different things entirely and should not be confused.

Home Remedy For Indigestion - The Natural Cure That Really Works

Natural cures and home remedies always come in handy after a cookout. Even the best meals can effect some people with digestive pains. I know because it happens to me every once in a while. Then I found what works for me. And it can work for you!

Taking a Look at Electric Lift Chair Manufacturers

At the beginning, electric lift chairs were no more than modified recliners, lacking both features and safety. Nowadays, electric lift chairs can come with everything short of the kitchen sink.

How to Fight a Health Insurance Company

Health insurance in the United States can be confusing and frustrating. Working to understand all those codes and the insurance lingo makes you want to accept whatever your insurance company doles out without a fight. But insurance companies make mistakes. Don't let their mistakes turn into thousand

Why Hospitals Restrict Visitors

All hospitals share the same goal: to make sure that patients are taken care of and that they stay safe. If a friend or family member ends up in the hospital, this will be your most important concern as well. It's actually quite common for people to harm their loved ones, or even other patients