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How to Gain Weight Quickly

Gaining weight can be done in one of two ways: the healthy way or the unhealthy way. The unhealthy way involves eating massive amounts of fatty foods and getting no exercise. The healthy way is a little bit more difficult. But those wishing to gain weight will thank themselves for it.

Cosmetic Dentistry - A Primer for New Patient

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming an increasingly more popular field as people try to improve their looks by improving their smile.Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as teeth whitening, or it can be as complex as years of orthodontia and braces.If you are considering having any work of this type done,

Creatine and Hair Loss

The Mayo Clinic explains that creatine, or creatine monohydrate, is a very popular supplement among athletes who want to enhance their performance. The Mayo Clinic says creatine aids muscles in releasing energy and can result in brief bursts of power. Other benefits may include delay of muscle fatig

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Sugar is a natural exfoliate and the main ingredient in homemade body scrubs. Store bought body sugar scrubs tend to be expensive and often filled with chemicals and additives that may not be healthy for your skin. A homemade sugar scrub costs just pennies and the natural ingredients assure silky so

Beautiful wedding rings at great prices

The selection of the perfect wedding rings is always an adventure. The rings will not only be the symbol of marriage but also your entire relationship.

How to Tie a Malaysian Sarong

A Malaysian sarong is one of the primary pieces of daily clothing worn almost daily by Malaysian people. A man's sarong should never be of a plain color, and is usually made with a checkered design pattern. A woman's sarong has a patterned or floral design. The batik style can also be used in a woma

The Effects of a Whirlpool on Skin

Sometimes used for physical therapy purposes, whirlpools can help cleanse and heal wounds as well as reduce skin inflammation. As noted by published physical therapist Carrie Sussman of the Wound Care Information Network, whirlpool treatment increases blood flow to the injured area,...

How to Tame a Wig

Wig frizz is never a good thing. Just like when your natural hair is out of control, wig hair that is wild is rarely an attractive look. However, wig frizz is relatively easy to tame and wig owners usually have most of the items needed in their beauty products arsenal to control the fly-aways. Tamin

How to Strengthen Your Nails

Nails enhance the beauty of your hands. They are hard but important part of your body. Nails are basically hard body made of calcium and protein called keratin. They are the modified form of hair. The parts of nail includes: Matrix, Eponychium, Paronychium, Hyponychium, Nail plate, Nail

How to Add Lowlights

Lowlighting is a hair coloring technique that involves dying strands of hair a few shades darker than your main hair color to give the impression of depth and volume. Adding lots of narrow lowlights to the under layers of hair can break up flat color and achieve a natural look, while thicker blocks

Barack and Michelle Obama

Many a star turned out for the inaugural balls held on the eve of January 20th in Washingotn D.C. Each of the ten balls held had a different theme so celebs certainly had plenty to choose from. The Creative Coalition, Youth and Charity balls drew the majority of the designer clad Hollywood A-listers

Which Cosmetics Contain Estradiol?

Estradiol is a type of estrogen. The hormone is a significant factor during puberty in young girls, and can have profound effects on a woman's mental health. However, it often results in adverse side effects that should be carefully considered. Estradiol is often found in products used to treat post

Trust Manuka Honey To Cure Ailments

Manuka honey has been known for its medicinal properties for years. For long it has been used for curing several wounds. Even ancients have been earnest believers in the healing abilities of the nectar. With changing times, several other remedies of medicinal value were discovered. Especially, after

How to Get Rid of Blemishes on the Face

Achieving and maintaining flawless skin can feel like a struggle that never ends. When it comes to your face, there are numerous blemishes or marks that can take away from the natural beauty of your skin. For most people, acne is the most common problem that comes to mind; however there are many ot

How to Find Best Makeup Brushes

Brushes play a key role in makeup and if chosen carefully it can provide you professional looking makeup that stays last long and at the same time makes you gorgeous. Stunning and gorgeous makeup requ

Video: How to Find the Right Shade in Makeup Forever

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Erin Hendley, professional makeup artist, and today I'm here to answer your question on how to find the right shade of Makeup Forever. Makeup Forever is pretty much a universal product that a lot of the industry makeup artistes use and they have a full line of...

Designer Thong Sandals

Covered with metal studs and other ornated hardware, these designer thong sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti are some of the most artistic sandals you're likely to see this summer.