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Excess Histamine Causes

The excess production of histamines can cause a runny nose.ballyscanlon/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesMany people suffer from allergies when in the presence of certain allergens, such as hair, pollen or dust. Your body will release excess histamines in its effort to fight what it perceives...

Classification of Asthma-Topic Overview

The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program has classified asthma as: Intermittent. Mild persistent. Moderate persistent. Severe persistent. These classifications are based on severity,which is determined by symptoms and lung function tests. You should be assigned to the most severe ...

Is Your Asthma Making You Restless at Night When You Sleep?

If you are the type of a person who suffers from any form of an allergy then you really would want to start breathing a clean and fresh air while you are sleeping. No amount of money or gold can top a good night sleep. Having one will make you wake up refreshed, ready for anything, and most of all e

Some Common Natural Treatments for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is basically an infection caused in nasal cavities, resulting in a number of irritating and painful symptoms. Getting relieved from these throbbing symptoms as soon as possible is what every sinusitis patient looks for. However, sometimes reaching for the medications can end up worsening t

Seasonal Allergy Treatments

Seasonal allergy symptoms can vary in severity from person to person; while one person may experience mild irritation, others may find that their seasonal allergies significantly interfere with their daily lives. Seasonal allergy symptoms generally involve nasal congestion, sinus pain and pressure,

Symptoms of Allergies to Cottonwood

The cottonwood is a pollinating tree causing allergies that appear seasonally during early spring, with pronounced reactions occurring on warm, breezy days when pollen and mold counts peak due to airborne transport, resulting in inhalation of pollen particles through the eyes, nose and mouth.

Papworth Method for Asthma

Anti-inflammatory and allergy relief medication is not the only means to control asthma symptoms. Many people find breathing techniques, such as the Papworth method, to be highly effective.

Relief For Your Dust Mite Allergy

Those tiny dust mites flourish in your home causing your dust mite allergy to flair up. Now relief is available with natural sublingual allergy drops. They work!

Understanding Food Allergies in Kids

Did you know that 8% of children under 3 years old have food allergies? Or that 10 to 15 % of Americans display an intolerance to gluten? What is the difference between a food allergy and an intolerance?

Asthma a Problem for Millions

Asthma takes a heavy toll on Americans, killing thousands and sending nearly 2 million to emergency rooms for treatment annually, a new report says.

The NICE Asthma Guideline

The National institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) reports it is the body responsible for advising the U.K.'s National Health Service on guidelines for the treatment and care of disease and medical conditions.

Being Hurt on the Job With Occupational Asthma

The scariest moment in one's life may happen when they feel tightness in their chest, and they know that they may only have seconds of fresh air. It is distressing how so many can take the air they breathe for granted when there are so many people suffering from Occupational Asthma. Occupationa

What Actually is Viral Induced Asthma?

When viruses from common ailments such as the cold or the flu start causing asthma symptoms that is then called viral induced asthma. According to research there are two ways that viruses can set up the whole stage for triggering asthma attacks.