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Puff The Magic Dragon Meant What?

Recently, while discussing song titles with a friend , the lyrics of "Puff the Magic Dragon" came up. I innocently recalled as a young girl wanting to strangle that Jackie Paper for leaving Puff sad and alone in his dark, dismal cave. My reminiscing friend, openly laughed at my interpretat

Smoking Now Linked to a Type of Ovarian Cancer

Women who smoke are three times more likely to develop a type of ovarian cancer called mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer than women who don't smoke, says a study published in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Should I Quit Weed Cold-Turkey Or Cut Down Gradually?

To stop smoking weed cold turkey means that one day you simply stop, and never look back. The plan is to never smoke again and people are satisfied to take on all withdrawals at once, knowing that it

Stop Smoking Marijuana - 3 Tips to Get Started

Although many people think that smoking marijuana is something generally harmless, it can do a lot to poison your body along with opening many people up other more harmful drugs, hence the title of the "gateway drug." This article will give you some good ideas on how to get started with qu

Top Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

There are a number of jokes circulating on the internet poking fun at infomercials and people encouraging smokers to quit. There is one where someone stops a smoker and tells him something to the effect that, he would have bought a Ferrari if he stopped smoking ten years ago. To which he replies,

Smoking Facts - Addiction Or Simply Habitual?

The question of whether smoking is an addiction or simply a habitual activity can give rise to much heated debate. Many smokers believe that smoking is just a habit and that they can quit smoking at any time. Many medical experts and non-smokers however believe that smoking is an addiction and that

Tips to fill the cartridge for E-Cig

Cigs have become more popular among people who are trying to quit smoking. E-Cig is an effective stop smoking aid, well, it's a good start. There are behavioral changes that take place and be

What Part of the Brain Affects Learning?

Many parts of the brain are involved in learning processes, some involved in similar parts of learning and some controlling specific parts of learning. Each area of the brain develops over a course of time ranging from two to three years up to eight years. Research is constantly being done to learn

Electric Cigarettes - The New Twist to Smoking

With the advent of electric cigarettes also come manufacturer efforts to fill hopeful consumer heads with pipe dreams about the ability to quit smoking. This article presents accuracy and clarity on t

Living The Sober Life

There are many private residential treatment centers that offer sober living after one successfully completes rehab. These sober living facilities provide a safe harbor for people in the early stages of recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Heroin Abuse - An Increasingly Serious Problem In The USA

The use of heroin is becoming an increasingly serious problem that is affecting many across the United States. The drug possesses highly addicting characteristics that come from injecting, snorting, or smoking the illegal substance.

Effective Tips on Stopping Smoking

If you are a smoker, then chances are you have had difficulty quitting before. You have probably tried to quit, but you just can't do it. No matter what you try, you always resort back to cigarettes. Those tiny little smokes are still controlling your life even years after you started. Find out