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Outdoor Statues

People are very different when it comes to outdoor statues. Some like to tuck them nicely in their favorite nook while others might prefer to have some humongous statue planted right in the center of their front yard.

Grow Spinach From Seeds

Spinach is one of the healthiest leafy greens you can eat. It is loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals that all doctors and nutritionists would recommend. So why not add this healthy tasty treat to your home vegetable garden? Besides its health benefits, spinach is easy to grow from seed and i

Hibiscus - a Beautiful Tropical Flower

Hibiscus is a very popular flower to have. No wonder, it is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Keep your Hibiscus looking bigger and more colorful with these tips.

Information on the Grey-Headed Coneflower Plant

Grey-headed coneflowers (Ratibida pinnata) are perennial herbaceous flowering plants that occur on prairies and along the edges of woodlands from Ontario to Florida and west to Oklahoma. They are native to the plains, but can be grown in many regions.

What is Goldenrod Used For

Goldenrod is a commonly seen herb, growing along many roads and ditches. It is useful for the herbal medicine chest.

Gardening 101

Gardening actually isn't as complicated as it seems. Some little kids start out early - growing small potted plants with the help of their parents, and some grandmas continue refining their green thumbs well into ...

Proper Way of Weeding.

In your garden that compete with the your main crop for space, water, sunlight and nutrients such like unwanted plants are weeds. Weeds are the carrier of certain plant diseases which spread easily if not ...

Rules and Traditions of a Japanese Garden

There are rules and traditions that should be followed when creating a Japanese garden. Although all rules don't have to be followed it does make your Japanese garden authentic and somthing you can be

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Greeenhouse

Going for greenhouses are one of the best and quite fortunate things for the people who love to spend their time in the garden.This is one of the most effective means of producing plants which are qui

Preplanned Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardens Native to Florida

Both hummingbirds and butterflies like the bright color of canna lilies.orange canna lily blossom image by Jack Prichett from Fotolia.comFlowers bring joy and beauty to any garden when they bloom, but have the added value of attracting beneficial wildlife like birds, hummingbirds, bees...

Creating Magic with Flowers on all Special Events

There are florists like Florever not only are specialists in Flower Arrangements but they suggest innovative ideas to make your occasion more special. Florists Delivery do wonderful job for big corpor

Organic Lawn Fertilizer - Excellent Grass Fertilizing

Your lawn needs nutrients to grow green, lush and healthy. Here we'll guide you through the ingredients of an organic lawn fertilizer, focusing on the three most important elements that your lawn needs - potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Quick Tips for Easy Lawn Care

Lawn care can be challenging for homeowners and these simple to follow and quick tips will help provide some basic and essential considerations. Understanding soil management, grass care and weed control is important to keep a yard healthy and create gorgeous curb appeal. These tips will provide gre

Growing Tea Herbs

For any herb enthusiast, or any tea enthusiast for that matter, it's hard to go wrong with a tea herb garden. After all, herbal tea is perhaps the easiest way to use and enjoy herbs ...

Italian Herb Garden - Why Are They So Popular?

Italians are well noted for the flavor of their food. Pasta, a mainstay of Italian cuisine, would be rather tasteless without the traditional flavorful seasonings. This is the reason that an Italian herb garden is so important in the flavoring of food. You can have your own culinary herbs right at y