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The Beauty of Slack Parenting

It can be so much easier to be a slack parent than it is to be a good parent. Just as it can be so much easier to give in than it is to tow the line.

Three Hot Tips: Get Your Ex to Like You Again!

You might be devastated now, but your breakup is not the end of the world! In fact, with a little simple planning, you can use these three tips to get your ex back quick!

How to Know if Someone is Your Soul Mate

You meet a lot of people and can be easily distracted by all of the choices. You trust without thinking and make yourself believe that the person you are with is indeed your soul mate. But there are w

Fatherhood and Today

Where are all the support groups for fathers. Fatherhood is not a job, it is an adventure. Our children are our future and as men we must be there for our children to make them better men then we are and instill in them the habits that will help then to succeed.

Senior Dating - Love and Retirement Do Go Together!

This offers the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions for senior singles; how to find a date. While there are various places you can meet older singles such as church, park, and senior

Happy Birthday to You

These words you might have heard many times, and you are absolutely sure you will hear it again, and again, and again. Birthdays can be so simply explained. Break it into two words, and you get: "Birth" and "day", which means your birth day, the day you were given birth to.

The Key to Surprise Party Planning Success

In order for a surprise party to work you need to be able to keep it all a secret. Here are some tips for surprise party planning that will help keep the surprise a surprise.

Earning Your Grandparents Rights

The best approach to grandparents rights is to do the things that make it real easy for the parents to want you involved in the grandchildren's lives. Families are complicated mechanisms as it is even when they stay together.

My Dad and I

My memories are a blur. A lot of feelings go through me as I try to recall the past, yours and mine. I feel like I've lived a thousand years, too many memories, some fleeting and some lasting.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Celebrated 1957 Style with a 2007 Twist

Making it to 50 years is a pinnacle that only few couples attain. More than golden anniversary mints, a 50th anniversary party gives family and friends an opportunity to take a ride down memory lane and honor a very special couple. It was with the "guest book" that Barb really got imaginat

Plan Out Your Own Stag Party and Surviving It!

Stag parties usually follow a very predictable pattern - guys get together to drink beer, go to strip clubs, drink more beer, and more importantly, to put the groom in the hot seat. This usually means requiring him to wear ridiculous outfits, making him drink more than he can really stomach, and the

Punjabi wedding rituals

Punjabi wedding rituals consist of ostentatious and extravagant practices. The wedding celebrations begin with the Roka ceremony which is the formal beginning of relationships between the families of