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Lobby Decorating Ideas

What will your lobby say about your business?Hotel lobby with a couch and two armchairs at night image by Alexey Stiop from Fotolia.comGuests are first introduced to your business, when they enter the lobby. The style in which you decorate, says a lot about your organization. As you begin...

Steps to Incorporating in Mississippi

Incorporating your company provides taxation and liability benefits. It also creates a professional persona for your business that is likely to draw in clients. Companies looking to incorporate in Mississippi must follow the procedures set forth in the Mississippi Code of 1972 (as amended). Title 79

Should you start your own business?

There are all kinds of people. Some are meant to get advanced education and become doctors or lawyers, captains of industry. Some of us struggle all our adult lives at jobs we hate because it ...

Premium Soy Bean Wax Items and Accessories

Our premium soy bean wax candles and tart chunks are made from two types of American-grown soybeans with natural botanical oils added to give them vibrant colors and a creamy texture. When burned properly, our ...

Requirements for an Oregon Business License

Doing business in Oregon usually involves name registration, a local business license, and special permits.newport brige oregon image by David Hofer from Fotolia.comGetting registered to do business in Oregon is actually fairly easy and inexpensive. Most businesses are required to...

Drive Traffic With Value

Have you ever walked into a jewelry store that had nothing but plastic necklaces instead of silver and gold? Not likely, as feeble plastic is not what attracts the public to a jewelry store. People ...

7 tips for a successful business loan

Money tends to rate high up on the list of needs for people planning on starting or moving into business ownership. Here's 7 tips if you need start up financing for your business. 1. Clearly ...

How to Start a Trucking Business in Maryland

Trucking is a highly regulated industry. If you want to start a Maryland trucking business, you'll not only need to meet the same regulations as other Maryland businesses, you'll have to conform to state regulations specific to the trucking industry. If you travel out of the state, you must also ob

Viable Home Based Business Opportunities

Certain types of business seem to be more conducive to home based business than others. For example, businesses that require a large inventory, shipping of large packages, large pieces of equipment, or several employees are ...

Be A Networking Mogul with Subliminal Messages

Networking sales is now one of the hottest moneymaking ventures these days. A lot of people are pulled into the networking biz these days because of the prospects of earning money the fast and the ...

What If Your SBA Loan Business Plan Requires a Change After Closing?

Changes you need to make in your Small Business Administration business plan may not affect your loan, what you are required to do with it or its reason for approval. If these factors are affected, the amount of loan may need to change in order to best meet your company's needs. Determining how your

Online Business V Offline Business

I've written this article to show a few ways of working from home. Working from home is such a great proposition these days due to the internet. I hope that what you read helps you ...

How Do I Amortize Business Start-Up Costs?

The Internal Revenue Service requires that businesses capitalize business start-up costs. Business start-up costs are costs incurred while creating an active trade or business or during investigation and research in the acquisition of an existing business or creating a new business. A general rule

Start Blogging in Under 5 Minutes!

Starting your own blog is much easier than it sounds, these days it can be done with minimal effort and budget. Right now blogging is the best way to make money online, so why not ...

How to Buy an FCC Frequency

The FCC, also known as the Federal Communication Commission, is in charge of all radio and broadband frequencies in the United States. The frequencies are divided up into categories, and are allocated according to usage. Certain frequencies are designated specifically for government use, like aerona

Spread the Word with Your Custom Lanyards

Lanyards have become very popular items especially for promotional purposes. Lanyards have evolved a great deal from being fashion accessories to necessities especially for those who want to promote their businesses. It is now possible ...

How to Start a Vending Service Company

Countless vending machines exist throughout the United States. Schools, retail offices, malls and transportation centers are among the many locations where consumers make purchases from vending machines. You can start a vending service company to sell various products. Vending companies are great to