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Famous Bogside Murals of N.Ireland to Be Restored

1888 PressRelease - The famous murals of the Bogside, Derry, depicting the key events of over thirty years of conflict in the city are to be restored to their former glory. The Bogside Artists have ...

Comedy Coaching to Get the Utmost Gigs

What do you mean by coaching? If one is talking about coaching, it actually refers to get coached by a professional coach. It is basically a training process in which the coach helps an individual ...

Fantasy Art - Unraveling the Mysterious World

'Fantasy Art' is a genre of art, conveying the mystery of unseen forces and the mysteries of life. This form of art has its roots spreading to centuries old history, and has its presence in mythologies, folklore, and religions from all over the world. The use of magical and supernatural th

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci - The Bones and Muscles of the Ribs

Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical drawings dating back to around 1510, were one of the most prolific and accurate studies of those times. Backed by diligent first-hand examination of various dead bodies (primarily of convicts), Da Vinci tried to explore the structural and functional significance o

Image Re-Sizing Is Required to Create a New Avatar

The thumb rule for most lens men is to take high-resolution pictures so that they are scalable in any format. This is the main burden of having a larger than life picture that refuses to fit into any configuration. Image re-sizing is the best answer to solve the problem. It is required to create a n

How Has Sexuality Influenced Pop Art?

Many have argued that Andy Warhol was asexual. Who knows, Warhol rarely spoke about personal matters in interviews. Mostly he just answered with a nod or a simple "no".

Buyer's Guide to Modern Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

Dimensional stability of the wood is a very important concern regarding stretcher strips. Most often, they are found to get twisted out of shape when put to the actual use of keeping a large piece of

Printmaking - Printing Limited Edition Etchings From Copper Plates

Etching and engraving come under the printmaking category of intaglio; the print results from ink being forced out of the incised lines and not from the surface of the plate. Engraving was originally used to decorate metal. These decorations would often be filled with pigment which with the right pr

After Effects - More About Mattes

What more can you do with mattes? Just about anything! Mattes move and scale and rotate and animate. That means that your matte is part of your movie, part of your animation. There is some fun and drama on what isn't revealed and your matte can tell or tease.

Professional Photographer - Is It Worth the Money?

Let's face it - a professional St. John wedding photographer will not come cheap. Anything that has €professional€ as a prefix comes with a price tag, a hefty one. Therefore, most people avoid hiring professional ...

Wine Basics for Beginners

The tradition of drinking wine dates back a lot of years. It is a culture in itself, and people have tasting and sharing clubs. People who enjoy are well acquainted with the different types of ...

Position of Indian Landscape Painting

Landscape artworks is the most popular genre of paintings worldwide. People around the globe decorate rooms, office, hotels, resorts, with landscape paintings especially oil art.

Action Painting

Action Painting is a form of Abstract Expressionism painting that involves the very physical use of the artist's body in the application, manipulation and control of the paint. Action Painting can be a highly therapeutic and cathartic experience, taking the Abstract Expressionist artist to plac

Paintings for Christmas

Christmas is as ever approaching and with it, numerous worries. What are we doing for Christmas, How will we make this year special, who is going to prepare dinner, is the oven big enough, will there be room for everybody and much more. Ah yes, the season to be jolly is definitely also the season to