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My Favorite Movie Director

The opinions of movie fans will vary from person to person as to who is the greatest movie director of all time. There is a lot to be said for James Ford by Western Movie fans. Further, to suspense movie fans Alfred Hitchcock is the greatest, but to science fiction movie fans, perhaps George Lucas i

Five Children's Movies That Stand the Test of Time

Many adult films become timeless classics because of their heady themes or commentary on the world and the people in it. Movies aimed at kids may appeal to viewers in later generations for these reasons, but more often because they appeal to a sense of innocence free of obvious innuendo and social c

DVD'S, The Devils Video Devices

Time and technology march on but what is not apparent is which way they are marching. The scratchy gramophone record was replaced by the eight track then the cassette and now the DVD and the I pod. I received for Christmas several DVD movies oh boy, remember the good old days with those clunky video

Fight Club and the Evils of Consumerism

I wrote this essay for a college class in 2007, but I recently decided to pick it up again and take a look at it. The sentiment described within and the 1996 publication date of Fight Club made this all seem very "90s" to me. Counter culture was on the upswing and Chuck Palahniuk swooped i

Guide: A Timeless Classic

Guide is the most notable film of a long career of actor Dev Anand. The film had music by S D Burman. Evergreen songs of the film were written by Shailendra.

A Guide to Freeview Television

Freeview television is getting a lot of attention nowadays and this is because a lot of people are really trying to make sure that they will get the best television viewing experience available, in fact, it is a well noted truth that a lot of broadcast stations will get an upsurge of viewers as soon

France 24 to be Launched on DISH Network

You have all reasons to choose DISH Network because it not only caters to the taste of Americans but to immigrants too who have made United States their homes since years. This year on July ...

India Drama

Watch online TV Episode Of shows channels. Kabir asks Piya for a Lunch date with him to celebrate her Birthday but Piya refuses. Misha also offers to throw a Party at the House to celebrate ...

Children's party made easy

Some parents often find it very difficult to organise parties for any event they want to mark let alone organising one for their children. Some of the parents keep on planning from time to time until

Great Moral Value in "PS I Love You" Movie

Death can suddenly comes to life of people and make their life also suddenly stop for a while when their beloved one is taken by the death. The movie entitled P.S. I Love You shows us that even though our beloved one meets the death, he would join us through the tough days in our life. In this case,

The Magic of Harry Potter Films

What's up with these Harry Potter films anyway?It is absolutely amazing the effect that these movies have on some of their fans. Have you seen the first four? Well, if the answer is no, then you're certainly in the minority.The amazing thing is that both kids and adults alike seemed to equ

Top 5 Hottest Foreign Actors to Watch on Satellite TV

American movies produce a lot of attractive actors and actresses for viewers to ogle at. But sometimes you will see a movie with a mysterious foreign character - a slight hint of accent maybe, a ...

How Long Can Eastenders Continue?

Many Eastenders fans of today may not realise that the show began back on 19 February 1985 and is more than 20 years old. There is a feeling that while the show has a massive following which has at times seemed viewing figures of over 20 million, maybe Eastenders has seen better days, but is this re