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How to Connect a Dish DVR to a VCR

Most satellite providers allow you to use a DVR (digital video recorder) if you choose to add the device to your subscription. However, once you record content onto the DVR you can not move the content to another television unless you record the video onto an outside device, such as a VCR. Connectin


The amazing LCD car kit from Parrot helps you ingeniously with its excellent technology to attend and make calls. Now, keep safety and comfort while driving , however do not miss your important busine

China PCB: Which suppliers should be avoided?

Good companies are able to prepare the design in less than a week and in some cases in under three days. However, some of the more difficult designs may take a little longer.

How to Sync an Outlook Calendar with an Organizer

Have you wanted to access email messages, contacts, tasks, notes, Web favorites or your calendar while you're away from your computer? Modern organizers, or PDAs, allow you to connect the device to your home or office computer and synchronize this data between the two machines. If your device has In

What Kind of Battery Does a DCR-HC96 Camcorder Use?

Sony's DCR-HC96 is a MiniDV Handycam which debuted around 2007. Now discontinued, the DCR-HC96 included a Sony InfoLITHIUM rechargeable battery along with an AC adapter and charger to provide power.

How to Set Up a Wireless Network Connection on the Sony Media Player SMP-N100

When you first turn on the Sony Media Player SMP-N100 you follow an Easy Setup. This guided set up does not connect the network media player to your home network or the internet. Follow these step-by-step instructions that are not included in the SMP-N100 user manual to connect your Sony Media Playe

Instructions to Set the Color on a Hitachi TV

Your Hitachi TV possesses a number of color settings that can be utilized to incrementally or even drastically change the way colors are displayed on your television's screen Picture modes, color temperatures, contrast levels and general brightness may all be altered. Fortunately, no assistance is r

Ensure safety of your appliances with aluminium wiring

Aluminium cable use was quite popular in 1960s and 1970s. Today also we see many houses made during that time period with aluminium wiring. After that period, it became unpopular in use and again earl

How do I Install a 4 Bay Antenna System for VHF?

Standard 4-Bay antenna systems are dipole reflector antennas that are fan-shaped and typically broad horizontally. Most 4-Bay antennas are designed to be UHF-only systems, but there are some UHF/VHF combination types available. These types of 4-Bay systems will capture both UHF and VHF signals simu

How to Check an ESN

The ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is a unique identification number assigned to cellphones. It allows you to recognize the cellphone number in a particular network, and each cellphone has one. Some wireless services require the ESN in order to activate a phone, or to port an existing phone number t

How to Restore a CD With Polish

A CD holds music or data that can be read by a machine, like a CD player or computer. If the CD is scratched or damaged, the machine can no longer read the data. Scratches on a CD occur when there is pressure or force applied to the plastic coating on the bottom side of the CD. As long as these scra

What OS Does BlackBerry Use?

BlackBerry, a division of Research In Motion, produces smartphones that can be used on a variety of mobile networks. BlackBerry devices have been available since 1999, and newer models are capable of performing the functions of a personal digital assistant or media player while also permitting you t

How to Put on Compression Coaxial Cable Connectors

Coaxial cable connectors, also known as BNC connectors, are the common connectors attached to the ends of standard coaxial cable. These connectors are then plugged into the coaxial input on various types of video or television equipment. Compression connectors are neater and have less of a chance of

Benefits of Renovated School Science Lab Equipment

There are many reasons why schools should provide their students with the latest scientific laboratory equipment. After all, almost every one of them life is a breach of Science. Since the weather in the food ...

How to Download Music to My MP3 Zen Player

There are many different models of Creative's Zen MP3 players, and all of them will accept MP3 music files. To get music onto your Zen MP3 device, you will want to download the proprietary music management software made by Creative called Creative Centrale, which will allow you to easily transfer an

How to Create a Google Account With a Used SIM Card

One way to create a new Google account on a used Global System for Mobile Communications phone is by performing a factory data reset. You can avoid a reset if you simply buy a new SIM card. If, for whatever reason, you want to continue using the same card, you need to delete the information from the

Does Satellite Signal Suffer With Weather?

Satellite signal can be affected by storms, heavy wind and rain, snow and ice; accumulated precipitation also causes poor reception. In cold climates, the satellite dish may need a heater in case of accumulated ice.

Retina Display Comes To iPod Touch

Here comes the latest in iPod innovation- the iPod Touch 4th Generation model. This is more attractive than the first three generations of iPod Touch where it weights around 115 grams and height up to ...