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How Safe Are Cruise Ships?

Going on a cruise, especially on a luxurious cruise ship, probably has become a status symbol for spending holidays for many of the rich today, and is gaining popularity among travelers. Most ships today are equipped with the most state-of-the-art safety devices ranging from alarms which are capable

6 Tips to Find the Best Alaska Cruise Deals

One of the best ways to see the biggest state in the USA, is definitely through an Alaskan cruise. The state provides extensive and pristine diversity both along the coastline and inland. When planning a cruise in the state, you'll likely want to find the best among the various Alaska cruise de

Sailing school advantages

Nothing will replace the experience of learning. According to the notable American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, 'Learning isn't a means to an end; it is an end it itself'. In many

Tampa One-Day Cruises

Check out the waters of Tampa Bay. aboard a one day cruise.tampa image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comIf you want to set sail for the day aboard a cruise from the Tampa, FL, area, there are several to choose from, all offering a variety of choices and specialties. You can go search for some...

Carnival Dream Fun Hub

Cruise photo of the Carnival Dream Fun Hub, which is one of several computer stations scattered throughout the ship

Thingvellir National Park

Photo of the rift valley dividing the North American and European continental plates at the Thingvellir National Park in Iceland.

Ruby Princess Stateroom Closet

Photo of a typical Ruby Princess stateroom closet. The closets in all cabins except suites look basically the same.

All-Inclusive Cruises From Boston

Sail out of Boston on an all-inclusive vacation.skyline from boston harbor image by Stephen Orsillo from Fotolia.comMost cruise ships offer all-inclusive plans that cover meals at most on-board restaurants and some of the small boutique dining and snack shops. You will need little cash...

Water Slide

Photo of the water slide on the MSC Divina cruise ship