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After a Conviction, How Can a Defendant Be Adjudicated?

Following a criminal conviction, a defendant's adjudication is completed upon sentencing. Factors considered during the sentencing phase of a trial include the severity of the crime, credit for time served, aggravating or mitigating circumstances and criminal history. Defendants may be sentenced to

Definition of Probable Cause Law

Probable cause is a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime. It is the standard that must be met for an arrest warrant to be issued, for an individual to be searched, or for an individual to be taken into custody by the police.

Criminal Background Check Oregon

In order to get a criminal background check Oregon, you need to follow the instructions provided by the Oregon State Police identification Unit. Fill out the forms available at their website or call t

Prosecuting With False Evidence

Prosecuting the guilty is an incredible career filled with satisfaction. Although most prosecutions take place within the boundaries of ethics and discretion, some prosecutors have a desire to win no matter what the cost. Several court cases have addressed the issue when the prosecutor embraces fals

Drinking And Driving - How Much Alcohol Is Safe?

There are many myths about how much alcohol is safe before getting behind the wheel and drinking. Let's examine one of those myths and learn more about what alcohol does to our bodies and minds so we can make better decisions about driving after having a few drinks.

How to Request a Free Criminal Report

Unless you are a lifelong resident of a very small town, there are obvious reasons why you might need to know a little more about your neighbor, your babysitter, the woman who rents your garage apartment or the man who cuts your lawn. These people have contact with your home and family and you need

Assault Vs Battery

The term "assault and battery" is a very familiar one, but the differences may escape most people. We're so used to hearing them as a pair that many Americans don't know what the difference between the two is and how those differences affect the consequences of the crimes. Knowin

How to Report Elderly Abuse in Florida

As the population continues to age, the elderly becomes more unable to take care of themselves. This leaves them more susceptible to being taken advantage of and harmed physically. It's common for them to lose their ability to hear and see as well. Mentally impaired elders are at higher risks of mal

The Legal Consequences of Refusing a Chemical Test

Refusing to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test after a DUI stop can incur serious penalties. If you refused a chemical test, it will be essential to hire a DUI attorney if you want to save your driving privileges.

Privacy in Criminal Records

Criminal records are a public record. However, often time when a case is dismissed, sealed, or destroyed, the constitutional right of privacy may be implicated. Specifically, Article I, Section 1.]; Westbrook v. County of Los ...

How Does Sentencing Work?

If you have committed or are simply accused of a crime, then your first call should be to a criminal defense lawyer. These individuals will be able to provide you with a solid criminal defense that can help you to go through the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected. This will incl

Revealing Advantages of Law Firm in Nairobi

If you have requirement for lawyers in Kenya, you can get into contact with B M Musau & Co. This is the one place with wider scope when the need is for lawyers, corporate law firms, insurance

Information on Elder Abuse

As we age, we become dependent upon those around us more and more. Elderly people are especially vulnerable, leading to thousands of seniors being abused by family members, friends and even by professionals in facilities designed to offer them care. The frequency of elder abuse is becoming greater a

Four Ways to Make the State's Expert Witness Your Expert Witness

The most useful resource in a DWI breath test case is an expert witness who can debunk the state's breath test machine and the "science" behind it. Unfortunately, most defendants in DWI cases cannot afford the added expense of retaining an expert witness to help tell their story to a

House Arrest Tips

The legal system offers several punishment options for individuals who have committed crimes. From being incarcerated in a prison cell to supervised probation, each option is designed to limit and control the individual's access to society at large and to reduce the individual's chances...

How to Expunge a Criminal Record in New York

In New York state, those convicted of some felony drug crimes can have a criminal drug conviction expunged if they complete approved treatment programs, according to RecordGone.com. The law also allows drug offenders to remove up to three misdemeanor or marijuana drug convictions from their record.

Criminal Record Search Using the Internet

It may be regrettable that in this day and age, we have to resort to something as a online criminal record search, but it is one thing that can help with the safety of our family, our business and ourselves. There are two different ways to conduct a search.

Mitigate Your Losses With An Oakland Injury Lawyer

The main duty of Oakland injury law is to defend victims against damage or injury that is caused, mainly due to intentional or careless act of another person. You will find many competent Oakland injury ...