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How to Format Your Computer With Windows XP

Reformatting your computer is often done for many reasons, from just starting fresh with a clean copy of Windows to just wiping your drive clean before you give away or sell your computer. Using a Windows XP disk is the simplest way to format your drive and can be done in a few minutes in a few step

How to Repair Pinball.Exe in Windows XP

It is a longstanding tradition to include a few simple games with a computer operating system, and Windows XP is no exception. It includes several games, such as Pinball, Minesweeper and Solitaire. Windows XP games take up little hard drive space, so users generally do not have a reason to modify th

How to Install Windows XP on an Eee PC From a CD

Windows XP is an operating system distributed by the Microsoft Corporation. Your operating system is the platform that allows you to visually interact with your computer. To install Windows XP, you will need both the installation disc and the product key. Installing Windows XP on your EEE PC is an e

How to Turn Off Auto Suggest in the Firefox Address Bar

The Firefox Awesome Bar--otherwise known as the address bar--automatically completes the addresses of websites when you begin typing. This is useful if you cannot remember the name or address of a website, but it also poses privacy issues. By using your search history and bookmarks, the Awesome Bar

How to Access Remote System Information in VB6

Visual Basic 6 (VB6) programmers can create network-aware applications that query a remote computer's information and display it for the user. These programs are created for network administrators who need to manage several computers. The VB6 language has some functions and tools that let you query

How Can I See Old Messages That Came With Friend Requests on Facebook?

When you send a Facebook friend request, you can include a message. These messages allow you to reach out to long-lost friends, and allow those friends to recognize who the friend request is coming from. Facebook stores the messages sent with friend requests in the Messages application. You can go b

How to Create a Custom Windows XP Installation DVD

As long as there are computers, there will be computer users who wish to customize every aspect of their machines. For these individuals, Windows XP has often been a source of frustration because there are few--if any--methods of customizing a Windows XP install right out of the box. Thanks to a pro

Windows XP Update 967715 Issues

Updates ensure that a computer is running at the maximum capacity and functionality.Computer image by Altmann from Fotolia.comWindows updates are identified by numbers in order to keep them organized. Update KB967715 is not a security update and therefore is not critical for the operation...

How to Remove WhereSphere Registry

WhereSphere is a malware program that infects Windows-based computers. This program opens critical information on your computer, such as financial records and passwords. The virus then collects the information and sends it back to a server. If you have this virus on your system, you could be at risk

How to Restore Functions in XP

Due to problematic or missing files, function problems in the Windows XP operating system can occur. The problems can be solved without having to completely reinstall Windows and losing all of the data currently on your computer. Using the repair function built into XP, file restoration can occur, l

How to Remove Windows Start Up

The speed of your PC depends on a few things: the system's hardware (specifically the processor speed and the amount of RAM, not to mention the size and speed of the hard drive) and its software. Changing hardware is expensive and tricky for most computer users, so optimizing your system is best don

How to Install Nero 7 on Windows Vista

The Nero 7 software program allows you to burn DVDs and CDs, and also offers a means to print labels for the discs once they have been burned. Unfortunately, the program does not install properly in the Windows Vista operating system. You can get around the problem by downloading a software update a

How to Clean Windows XP at Home

Windows XP (short for eXPerience), Microsoft's popular operating system preceding Vista and Windows 7, was released in 2001. Windows XP is still widely used, and updates for it, covering bugs and security holes, continue to be released. Windows XP comes with many built-in maintenance and cleaning to

How to Remove Acrotray.EXE

When you install programs on your PC, unnecessary extras are also often installed along with the program. These extras bog down the computer, and, in fact, do more harm than good. Acrotray.exe, a part of the Adobe Acrobat program, is one such unnecessary process that many users seek to disable becau

How to Fix a Windows File That Will Not Defrag

Defragmenter programs are a proven way to improve the efficiency of your computer. In fact, Windows has a free program installed right on your PC already. However, not all files will be processed by these defragmenter programs. Moreover, you will find that some of these programs are frequently used

How do I Fix the Wkufind Application Error "Cannot Be Read"?

The WkUFind.exe error on your Windows-based computer is caused by corrupt files in your computer's registry. The WkUFind program is an automatic updater that updates your computer's registry as needed. You will get the WkUFind.exe error if your WkUFIND.exe files are corrupt. Use the computer's regis

How to Access MSCONFIG

If your PC is running slowly, even though your anti-virus software says it's clean, or Windows is taking 10 minutes just to start up, or you can't seem to remove a pesky trojan from your machine, then MSCONFIG is for you. Included in Windows 95, 98, Me, 2003, XP and Vista (as "System Configuration")

How to Manage Information Systems Security & Privacy

Information security is crucial to individuals and businesses alike. Ensuring the privacy and security of information requires an ability to analyze risks, implement proper procedures, and manage the security of an information system. Once you have determined any vulnerabilities in the information s

The Windows 7 Upgrade Freezes When Trying to Install It in My Toshiba

The Toshiba corporation loads its computers with many types of custom software. While these software items may enhance the user experience in some cases, they can also cause trouble when you alter the factory-installed software. Toshiba offers special instructions for users upgrading to Windows 7 to

How to Uninstall Vista to Install Media Direct

The Dell Media Direct program is a unique service, in that it sits on your hard drive much as an independent operating system. Uninstalling your current Windows Vista operating system is a prerequisite to installing Dell Media Direct, as Media Direct must be the first item on the hard drive to prope