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How to Restore System Files in Windows 2000

Windows 2000 includes a feature called "Windows File Protection," which prevents critical system files from being overwritten or corrupted. In some cases virus software may still overcome Windows File Protection and ruin files that are required for Windows 2000 to run properly. There are two separat

10 Reasons to Buy an E-Reader for Your Kids

10 reasons why buying your kid an e-reader is a good idea. Why buying an e-book reader for your kids makes sense. 10 reasons why you should buy your kids an e-reader. Why parents should consider an e-book reader for their kids.

Tips For Building A Power Gaming Pc For 2014

Many people love gaming on the computer and they are almost drowned in their passion of playing games. There are thousands of games which require various levels of computer configurations for smooth running and in this article we are going to discuss about the requirements that are must make your sy

eStorage & How it Works

Nearly everyone online already uses online storage, or eStorage, even if they don't realize it. eStorage is a useful and efficient system for all types of data.

How to Troubleshoot a Belkin Wireless Travel Mouse

The Belkin wireless travel mouse offers an option for users tired of the hassle of a wired computer mouse. The Belkin wireless mouse is convenient and generally works properly. Yet, the Belkin wireless mouse can occasionally experience issues. You can troubleshoot your Belkin wireless by following t

How to Replace Windows XP With Linux on a Lap Top

Linux is a completely free operating system that has positioned itself as a viable alternative to Microsoft's Windows. There are many different versions of Linux, called "distributions." If you want to replace your copy of Windows XP on your laptop computer with a copy of Linux, you'll just have to

Types of Input & Output Devices

Input and output devices facilitate the ease in which users operate computers.computer mouse image by Chiara Leonardi from Fotolia.comComputer input and output devices are devices that facilitate communication between a computer and the user of the computer or another computer. Input and...

How to Connect a Macbook to the Sony Bravia

Sony is an electronics corporation that manufactures more than just their popular PlayStation video game consoles. Sony has a hand in many electronic devices, such as portable music players, digital cameras and televisions. In fact, Sony has an entire line of Bravia high-definition TVs available for

Video: How to Send a Fax From Windows XP

Video Transcript Hi Michael Burton executive producer for Reel Entertainment located in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer full service video production for any project. Now I want to talk to you about how to send a fax from Windows XP. First of all let me start off by saying that Windows XP...

How to Replace a 17-Inch LCD Screen on a Dell Studio 1735 Laptop

The Dell Studio 1735 laptop computer features a 17-inch LCD display that can produce a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels in full high definition (HD). If your Studio 1735 display has suffered damage, such as a crack, or has simply stopped working, you can purchase a new display assembly and install i

Supercomputer Information

A supercomputer is an extremely fast data-processing oriented computer. Supercomputers are also called "high-performance computers" because of their capability to crunch power measuring in gigaflops or billions of floating point operations. Supercomputers are used to solve complex computational prob

How to Install 2 SD Cards in an Eee PC

SD is a flash format of memory cards used primarily in digital cameras (although other hardware accepts the SD flash memory card). Many computers have an installed SD card reader, such as the ASUS Eee PC lineup of laptop computers. However, if you want to run two SD cards on the Windows computer, yo

How to Protect a Laptop in a Hot Spot

"Hot spots," also known as public Wi-Fi locations, allow users to connect to a shared network and browse the Internet using a laptop. However, convenience can sometimes come at a price, and connecting your computer over a public hot spot location can mean exposing your laptop to Internet criminals l

How to Convert VHS to DVD on My Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro

Watching and sharing memories from VHS tapes can be a difficult task on your MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo. Technology develops at such a rapid pace that older devices, such as VHS players, can be forgotten, along with the memories recorded on those devices. Luckily, video converter devices exist to simpli

How to Build a Circuit With a Battery

A great way to learn about battery power and electricity is to build a circuit yourself. Whether you need to complete a science project or just have a couple hours to kill in the afternoon, here is a simple way to keep busy while learning the basics of how electricity is transported around a circuit

Easiest Way to Put a DVD on Your Creative Zen

The easiest way to transfer a DVD to a media player such as the Creative Zen is to use as few programs as possible to rip your DVD to your computer, convert it to the right format and then transfer it to the player. Fortunately, Windows Media Player, included with Windows operating systems, can get

How to Do a PC Hard Reboot

No matter what type of computer you use or what you use it for, rebooting the unit regularly can keep it running smoothly. Over time, the computer can run low on memory as programs are opened and closed. This causes the computer to run more and more slowly, but rebooting the unit clears out the memo