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Interview: Felipe Smith - Page 2

Read an interview with American/Jamaican/Argentinean manga creator Felipe Smith, the artist and author of Peepo Choo and MBQ. Smith has the rare distinction of being one of the first American comics creators to produce a monthly comics series for Morning Magazine, one of the top seinen manga publica

How to Paint EPO Foam

EPO is an acronym for Expanded Polyolefin. This material is typically used in new construction as a flame retardant, although it is also sometimes used to create components of radio-controlled lightweight airplanes and is most known for its use in self-skinned footwear, such as Crocs. Regardless of

How to Paint a Background for an Oil Portrait

Before photography, the only way to preserve a likeness of a person or beloved pet was to render the image by hand. As a result, the many sculptures, illustrations, carvings, prints and paintings of political, cultural and other figures that are in existence comprise a significant portion of the bo


Awabi by Kan Takahama, a josei manga graphic novel published by Fanfare / Ponent Mon

A Fallen Saint's Kiss

A Fallen Saint's Kiss by You Higashino from 801 Media / Digital Manga Publishing

What Are Egyptian Death Masks Made Of?

Ancient Egyptians believed that death was merely a transition to another life, states David Silverman in his book "Ancient Egypt." Consequently, it was important to be buried with everything they needed for the afterlife, including an elaborately decorated death mask that would allow their spirit t

How to Paint Shingle Siding

If you would like to paint shingle siding, consider some critical points. Whether it is composed of wood or asphalt, your shingle siding is ill-suited for adhesion. Before you paint, condition the siding with a specific type of bonding primer, or the final coating will ultimately flake and peel. Bec

How to Paint Billy Bookcases

The Billy bookcase is an IKEA brand bookcase. It comes in a range of finishes and colors. You can change the color of the bookcase to match your decor using paint available at local home improvement outlets. There are two things to consider, though. First, you should sand the bookcase to prepare the

Gungrave - Series Profile

When Brandon Heat is murdered by his best friend, he is revived by a crafty doctor with the ability to regenerate the dead. Returning from the grave, Heat becomes "Beyond the Grave" and is dead-set on avenging his death.

How to Draw a Half Woman Half Horse

In Greek mythology and art, the centaur was a beast with a man's torso and head that rested upon the body of a horse. However, as the visual representation of this myth changed throughout the centuries, the possibilities for the beast's physical form also changed. In modern times, art depicting the

How to Draw a Bird's Nest

Birds' nests remain favorite subjects for nature journals. Learning to create a basic nest shape will help any bird enthusiast when observing these habitats in nature. This subject also makes an ideal accent to homemade greeting cards in spring months. These natural objects provide opportunities to