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Metal Smith Tools

A metal smith will work in a variety of metals to make tools, machinery or even sculptures.metal image by Mike Phillips from Fotolia.comA modern metal smith has a variety of tools available to work with. While power tools have made metal working easier and safer, some hand tools still may...

Small Businesses & Increased Minimum Wages

The purpose of a minimum wage rate is to ensure that low-paid workers receive fair compensation for the work they do. However, increases in minimum wage levels have a knock-on effect on payroll costs, which may lead to decreased job opportunities. Commentators argue that small businesses are disprop

How to Find Overseas Construction Jobs

Finding a construction job is the easiest way to get set up with employment overseas. If you have some construction skills to offer, in management or as a tradesmen, you are just a plane ticket away from a new life. Living overseas is a wonderful experience and I recommend that you pursue this inter

How to Sign Up for Unemployment

If you've been laid off from work, continuing to provide for your family is one of the biggest concerns you're bound to have. Unemployment benefits can bridge the gap to help provide for your family while you look for another job. Learn how to sign up for unemployment benefits and have a check in yo

How to Become a Financial Manager

Most Financial Managers work in the financial services sectors of the economy, such as banks or investment companies. However financial managers are employed in practically every sector. Hospitals, schools, government and advertising firms for example also need and hire financial managers. The level

Medical Employment Agencies - Jobs Just For You!

This article elaborates on what all the services an employment agency does and how beneficial does their service reflect on your career. Medical employment agencies offer job services to only a specialized group of unemployed who seek for a job.

Making Careers in Logistics - Consult a Recruiter

If you are interested in the logistics careers you can consult logistics recruiters available in the industry. They will explain you the responsibility of logistics manager which includes to plan, implement, and to control.

Job Search Advertising

Most people think that advertising is only meant for companies and employers. However, this is not true. If you are a job seeker one of the best ways for you to get picked up for your skill is to advertise yourself. You have to reach out to as many people as possible. You never know who might like y

Gaming Testing

If you're at all like me, you'll love playing video games, and also take a firm interest in how video games are made, and how they can be improved. For many people, that means getting into the industry. However, most jobs in the industry are either for artists or for computer programmers/c

How to Zip a Document or File

Many people zip their computer documents and files, which creates compressed versions of the files to save storage space on their hard drives. There are many benefits to zipping documents, including encrypting and protecting email data, and sending emails more quickly. You can zip documents on both


DOD Directive 1241.01 -RESERVE COMPONENT MEDICAL CARE AND INCAPACITATION PAY FOR LINE OF DUTY CONDITIONS . Updates policies and assign responsibilities to authorize medical and dental care for members of the Reserve components who incur or aggravate an injury, illness, or disease in the line of duty

graticule ticks

Glossary of United States Military words and phrases – – graticule ticks

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary For A New Job In 2014

In your job selection process, you will naturally look forward to getting the best possible compensation from your employer. So how do you get a salary befitting your qualifications and skills and the recent upswing in market demand for talent?

Security Guard Application, The First Step to Your Career

Becoming a security guard in the United States can be a difficult process if you do not know what to expect. The laws and regulations change frequently and will be very different from state to state. The one common theme though that all applicants will have to provide if they wish to become a securi

Public Interest Law

Public interest opportunities are more abundant than ever. Learn about a career in public interest law including salaries, types of work, skills and resources.