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Holiday Construction Paper Crafts

Construction paper is used for many easy holiday crafts.Stack of Die Cut Papers image by Allen Stoner from Fotolia.comWhether it’s Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween or Christmas, many families decorate their homes for the holidays. Encourage your kids to get...

How to Make a Swinging Walkway to a Tree House

Swinging walkways and rope bridges are an inexpensive and creative way to provide access to treehouses, between trees and from hilltops and ridges to adjoining trees. You can build small and short-span swinging walkways out of rope and planks. Longer walkways and walkways that are designed for a lot

How to Make Feather Headpieces

Feather headpieces, also sometimes known as fascinators, provide a bold fashion statement for any occasion. Wear a feather headpiece, and you can dress up your plain old jeans and T-shirt outfit or embellish a look for a special day when you pair one with an evening gown or wedding dress. With basic

How to Sew a Credit Card Holder

Formal occasions and sightseeing trips are only two instances when a smaller purse is needed. Most of the time a regular wallet isn't sufficient. Or perhaps yo need to carry essentials but would like to do it neatly and stylishly. Make a credit card holder in a casual or more formal fabric, helping

Crafts to Make With Rosemary Plants

Rosemary is an evergreen perennial herb. It is hardy in zones 8 to 10, and can grow to 6 feet. If you live where rosemary grows abundantly, you can make a rosemary garland or a rosemary wreath for your door. If you are growing rosemary indoors, you can train the rosemary to grow around a wire frame

Ornaments Made From Clothes Pins

Clothespins exemplify the height of versatility in craft-making. You can use them to make clips, jewelry, dolls and even Christmas tree ornaments. Clothespin ornaments are a perfect project for kids: most ornaments require just a few simple steps, like gluing and adding decorations. Keep...

Cheap Way to Make Homemade Whiskey

Whiskey is generally defined as an alcoholic beverage derived from fermented grain mash, primarily from barley, corn, rye and wheat. Though illegal in the United States, distilling homemade whiskey is quietly growing in popularity as a hobby. The distilling process increases the alcohol content of t

How to Sew Seams in Jeans

Jeans were invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss. They were invented to be strong, for wear by miners who had migrated to the West Coast for the gold mine rush. Today, even fashion jeans give a nod toward the strong structure of original jeans, complete with rivets and the double-strong flat-felled seam.

How to Thin Alkyd Paint

Alkyd paint is often used on walls, trims, doors, and even furniture. The alkyd paint's oil base makes it a great choice for any one of these applications, but its thickness also makes it more difficult to apply without leaving brushstroke marks. There is one way to thin alkyd paint enough to make i

How to Customize Sneakers With Embroidery

Sneakers can make a real style statement, especially when you customize them with your own creative designs. Embroidering a plain pair of sneakers can make them instantly one-of-a-kind. With some patterns you download, or design your self, and some embroidery thread, you can turn your drab, simple s

Hershey S'mores Crafts

S'mores are made by sandwiching half of a Hershey's chocolate bar and a large toasted marshmallow between two graham crackers. Whole s'mores, or just the marshmallows, are traditionally toasted over an open flame, making it a classic campfire dessert. Bring this outdoor delight to the craft table by

How to Soft Sculpture a Life Sized Frame

A life-size soft-sculptured frame is used in the theater and in school plays. The soft-sculpted fabric frame size is determined by the intended purpose. Framing an individual sitting in a chair requires a smaller frame than one where a person is standing upright. The frame is made over a base of car

How to Make Homemade Rugs

Create an eco-friendly rag rug for the bedroom, bathroom or den by using fabric scraps and braiding. Rag rugs are easy to make and can be created as a family project. Using old, worn-out clothing, bed linens, torn drapery fabric or remnants from past projects recycles the fabric and keeps it out of

How to Remove Paint From a Wood Dresser

To remove paint from a wood dresser, you need to use a chemical stripper, which will remove paint while preserving the quality of the wood. You can find chemical strippers in various forms (pastes and liquids) at most hardware stores. In order to successfully and safely chemically strip a wood dress

How to Make Placecard Holders

Setting the table for special events with family and friends is one of the delights of entertaining. From the selected overall color scheme to the choice of dinner plates and stemware, preparing a table is an important part of a special event. One way to enhance the decor of a table setting is to in

How to Make Silicon Earplugs

The National Institutes of Health estimates that a third of Americans suffer from hearing loss by the age of 75. Silicon earplugs are long-lasting earplugs that are perfectly molded to the shapes of your ears to help prevent hearing loss and protect from excessive decibel exposure. Silicon earplugs

How to Make an Art Journal With a Three-Ring Binder

Your unique pieces of art should be preserved and kept. They can be used as tools for reflection, journal writing prompts and as a means of examining your own technique. You might have trouble deciding how to organize your loose drawings, napkin doodles or tiny paintings. The good news is that all y

Ways to Make a Fake Fossil Out of Ice

Ice is a soft material you can mold into almost any shape, including fossils. Once you enjoy your fake fossil for a while, you can set it in the sink and let it dissolve. Ice works well for both carving and imprinting sculptures, so go with the process you feel will provide the best results for you.