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How to Send a Caller to Voice Mail on an iPhone

You don't always have time to take a phone call. If you are busy and receive an incoming call on your iPhone, you can instantly send the caller to your voice mail where he can leave a message, then review the message at your convenience. Call the person back if you need more information and/or delet

How to Remove the Screws on an iPhone 4

Dismantling a new iPhone is always an adventure. But the iPhone 4 design is slightly different than previous versions. Perhaps one of the most convenient changes to the iPhone 4's construction is the addition of removable external screws. There are only two of them, but they are both located on eith

How to Troubleshoot an iPod A1099

The iPod model number A1099 refers to several variations of Apple's portable media player -- two versions of the iPod photo, the iPod with color display and a special U2 product. These fourth generation devices vary slightly in terms of size, specifications and software but function in a similar way

How to Put a Background on an iPod 2G

The iPod 2G gives the user many levels of customization, including the ability to set a background for the lock screen. Since the iPod 2G does not have a built-in camera, you import photos from a computer in order to use them. The iOS 4 (iPod/iPhone operating system) includes the ability to set a cu

How to Put Movies on an iPhone

The iPhone is a multimedia and communications device made by Apple. Among the thousands of applications and functions that you can take advantage of on the iPhone, one of the most appealing is the ability to watch movies on it. This is a neat feature when you are stuck waiting for a flight or have a

A New User's Guide to the iPad

Once you've found your app, you'll need to install it on your iPad. This is a two-step process. Page 4.

How to Transfer iPod Games From One iTunes to Another

Apple's iTunes is a great organizer, but it keeps much of its actual workings hidden beneath the surface. IPod and iPhone games--which are also applications--are especially abstract since the user generally never needs to know where they are on his computer--they just go straight on the iPod or iPho

How to Disable the Date on an iPhone 3.1.3

The iPhone is a smartphone that runs programs (or "apps") that have been placed on it, and so has an operating system to control all of its functions. To disable the "Date" function from its normal operation, turn off its functionality inside of the 3.1.3 operating system. The procedure is straightf

How to Sync Your iPod Music to Another PC

There are several possible reasons why you may need to sync your iPod music to another PC. Maybe you have received a used iPod from a friend or would just like to sync your iPod from multiple locations, such as on your home and work computers. Apple makes it easy for you to use your iPod on multiple

Car Stereo Features

There are a variety of options for car stereo systems these days.Car interior image by mashe from Fotolia.comAs technology for how we listen to music has become more advanced and more compact, the features of many of the newest car stereo systems have changed along with it. These features...

How do I Put Songs on an iPod Nano From a CD?

Despite its small stature -- 1.48 inches high, 1.61 inches wide and .35 inches deep -- Apple's iPod nano packs some serious storage space -- 8 GB or 16 GB, depending on which model you have. With that much space available for songs, it can get pretty expensive if you were to fill the space with song

How to Manage Your Creative Muvo Folder in Your iPod

Creative Muvo is a brand of MP3 player. If you purchase an iPod after you have had your Creative Muvo, you'll probably want to put your Creative Muvo files onto your iPod, which you can easily do by importing the files into your iTunes library. Once they are in your iTunes library, you can manage yo

How to Move & Scale a Picture on an iPod Touch

The iPod touch serves as a portable player for your music, video and digital picture files. Once you have uploaded your content to the player's hard drive, you can display the pictures or video using the apps pre-installed to the device. Moving and scaling a digital photo is as simple as dragging yo

How to Set the Date in an iHome

IHome electronics make a range of iPod, iPad and iPhone "docking" stations and alarm clocks that play audio from your Apple device through a set of speakers. Most iHome devices feature an LCD clock display that shows the time, date and displays various indication icons. You might want to manually se

How to Restore an iPhone to the Last Update

Whenever you make changes to your iPhone, having a backup of your last update is important in case something goes wrong during syncing or modification. If something does go wrong, don't panic. Restoring to the last update will put all of your previous settings back in place so you can attempt to mak

How Much Data Does an iPhone Use?

Apple iPhones require users to have both a cellular talk plan, usually sold a a fixed number or as unlimited talk minutes, and a data plan. Some data plans are unlimited, while some have fixed amounts of data. Your phone uses data any time you send or receive information other than phone calls or st

How to Use the iPod Touch for Digital Signage

The iPod Touch and iPhone have a multitude of applications, including an application that allows you to create your own signature on your device, and use it to electronically sign contracts online. As of 2010, RightSignature is the only application that provides this feature and is free to download

Siri vs Google Now

With Google Now coming to iOS, iPad and iPhone users can choose between Apple's Siri or Google Now to become their new digital personal assistant. But which one is best?

How to View How Many SMS Are on an iPhone 4

Beginning with the release of the first model, the iPhone changed what consumers expect from a smartphoneThe iPhone 4 continues in that fashion even with SMS features. Unlike many other phones, the iPhone 4 ignores the character limit of 160 characters and displays larger messages as one note in yo