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Taking a Stand - Having the Courage to Do What's Right

Horns honked, cell phones videotaped and passerby's chuckled as one young boy pummeled the other boy's face into the cement. A group of 4 boys encircled the two who had decided they were going to fight. The junior high student was on top of the other boy and clearly had the victory.

Can You Make the Oidz Noize?

What are Oidz? Oidz are also known as Magnetic Sizzlers, Powerbuzz Magnets, AsterOidz and a few other names. This prop is basically 2 very strong oblong magnets that create the "oidz noize" when they collide in mid-air!

The Facts - Bikes Without Pedals

The saying 'Less is more' is often the truth. The same can be said when it comes to bikes without pedals. In essence, taking away two essential things (the pedals and the training wheels) can ensure a smoother transition to big kid's bikes.

Children and Chiropractic - Do They Go Together?

Health for the Entire Family In my chiropractic practice here in Pacific Beach, my concern is for the health of the entire family and that includes not only the children, but infants as well. I have as a goal "to make Pacific Beach the healthiest community in San Diego.

7 Tips to Build a Healthy Relationship With Your Teenager

When I watch TV and see how teenagers relate to their parents it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I cannot relate. When I hear parents talk about how they don't know their teenagers, I am shocked. I cannot relate. When I hear comments about parents having little or no usable inf

Why Kids Get Attached To Stuffed Animals?

Stuffed animals are very cute and cuddly, which makes the kids as well as the adults get attracted towards them. Kids get more attached to them than adults, and treat them as real friends.

Hello Kitty DVD - Something You and Your Kids Will Love

Kids are special for all parents. Parents want to give all the joys and happiness to them. They love seeing them grow up and cherish every little moment that is a step towards their growth and development.

Why Taking Care of Mommy is So Important

Its a novel concept, isnt it; somebody taking care of you?Well, that somebody ultimately has to be you, and I know how it is, youre way too busy taking care of everybody else to give yourself any time.But, let me tell you why you have to take care of yourself, and give you some ideas as to how to do

Melissa and Doug Chart - Growing Up Responsible

The board has fabric hinges and when opened reveals a behavior chart on one side and a safe place to store the magnets on the other. Display is easy with the attached sturdy cord so they can track their progress for the day.

Children's Furniture - The Easel

Children need to be stimulated and inspired in order to develop their creative sides and by providing them with the right tools you can guide and nurture their development. One fantastic way to encourage their artistic leanings is to buy them an easel so they can work on their masterpieces for proud

Kids Educational Games - Learning Through Play

Some fun kids educational games are all you will ever need to teach your little preschooler their basics. Weather we are talking about learning to tell time, recognize the coins, know their letters and numbers or any other skill, kids educational games can be a great way to teach. Kids love games an

How Children Can Enjoy Gardening

Children can learn about nature, the environment and where their food comes from all with a few simple home experiments and fun activities. All kids love to find out how plants growing and getting a chance to grow things for themselves will be brilliant!

Children's Outdoor Toys Are a Great Opportunity

Children's outdoor toys are a great opportunity for children and many people don't know that especially when they become parents for the first time. Children can learn things from using these toys that cannot be learnt otherwise.

Micro Excavator Riding Toy for Kids

Toys that are exact replicas of construction equipments are popular to kids. This motivated many toy companies to create more and more construction equipment toys for kids to enjoy. These toys allow kids to have fun in the outdoors digging and scooping soil and other materials just like in construct