How to Design an Inground Pool Online

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    • 1). Use the Interactive pool-design function at Free Pool Quotes. Click on the black box in the center of the page and choose the shape of your pool. Then, choose one of the backyard landscaping tools to find a yard that is similar to yours. Drag the pool design you choose into the "yard area" and drag the edges of the pool until it looks the right size for your yard. The designer will automatically put the pool to scale so you know what size you are looking at in real life. Next, design the elements of the pool by adding materials like concretes or bricks, and choose the depth of the pool from the design menu. When you are finished, order your pool through one of the design companies, or print out the design and take it to a local pool builder.

    • 2). Log on to Pool People USA and use its online design tool. First choose the size of the pool, and then the shape. Use the yard designer to put in a yard similar to your own. Use the menus at the top, left, right, and bottom of the screen to change certain elements of the pool, such as diving boards, platforms, and concrete walkways. When your design is finished, Pool People USA provides an estimated cost for designing a pool to your specifications. If you don't like the estimate, print out your design and take it to a local retailer to explore other options.

    • 3). Go to Swimming Pools.com, which contains information about various types of pools. Select a desired size for your pool. Choose a shape from the site's "shape generator." Use the menu to choose various aspects. Instead of designing your own pool, this site enables you to use one of its pre-made designs and its landscape designer to see how the pool would appear in your yard.

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