Singles Dating Washington DC Success Stories

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Although there is some skepticism among speed dating rookies, I know of many Singles Dating Washington DC success stories from my friends.  Three of their testimonials stick out in my mind more than the others; I would like to share those stories with you.

The first is the story of my friends Sid and Nancy.  Ironic, I know.  Sid is a high school English teacher, and Nancy is a pediatrician.  The couple met at a singles dating event in 2009.  What makes their story interesting is that Sid's daughter and Nancy's son had been dating for three months when the two of them met, but none of them realized that until Sid and Nancy's engagement party!  They had actually spoken on the phone before about their kids' prom.

I also love the story about Marina and Vaughn who met at a Singles Dating Washington DC seated speed dating and rotating profiles dinner party.  The two say they fell in love at first sight.  Vaughn likes to tell people that he knew Marina and him were meant to be together from the very moment he laid his eyes on her.  In fact, they both felt such a connection that not even twenty minutes into the event, they decided to leave early together and go somewhere more private.  The rest is history!

My other favorite singles dating success story is that of Hector and Patrick.  Hector and Patrick met at a Professionals in the City speed dating event for Gay Professionals.  Two things make their story great.  For one, Hector is an Atheist, but Patrick is a very devoted Christian.  Who would have thought that an Atheist and a Christian could fall in love for life?  Secondly, they fought together to make gay marriage legal in their home state of Maryland, and they became the first gay couple to be married there.

If you have some reservations about Singles Dating Washington DC speed dating, maybe these three love stories will instill some hope into your heart and make you give speed dating a second thought.  After all, you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain!
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