If Your Voice Quivers, It Won"t Go Away on Its Own

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One of the most embarrassing characteristics of the speaking voice is the wobble or the quiver, reminiscent of a turkey. While it affects women more so than men, it may happen when you are nervous or when you are giving a speech or presentation, for example. However, a voice that shakes can also occur in normal conversation.

Recently I heard a US Congresswoman speaking and I was surprised to hear how her voice was quivering. This woman is an experienced speaker so I am fairly confident that her wobble is not due to nervousness. That is indeed a problem for her because as she ages it will only get worse.

One of the many blessings I discovered after finding my 'real' voice is that as I age my voice is improving. Admittedly, at my age, I cannot say that about anything on or in my body! However, because I have taken the stress, the strain, and the daily wear and tear off my vocal apparatus, my sound is actually better than it was when I discovered my 'real' voice in my early 20's.

The problem with the voice that quivers is that the vocal folds are being used as the primary amplifier. This means that they have been subjected to a great deal of abuse through the years which can result in a quivering or shaking sound. One of my clients came to me with a very noticeable wobble; I taught her how to use her chest when she spoke; and, the quiver was gone. It happens that quickly. The good news for his woman is that she is no longer reminiscent of an old woman! Were you to speak to her on the phone, you would not know if she was 25 or 75. Her voice is now ageless.

If your voice wobbles like a turkey, learn to use your chest cavity to power your voice and I guarantee the quiver will be gone. In addition, your voice will be richer, warmer, deeper and resonant, definitely a plus if you are concerned about the image you are projecting.
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