Teenage Drivers - Can I Kiss Goodbye Low Insurance Rates?

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just kidding.
No, you don't have to give up your hard-fought low insurance rates simply because your 15 ½ year old has their driving permit.
The easy solution; make them pay for their own policy.
This will require they drive their own car and never even consider backing your ride out of the garage.
When I finally started driving I had a brother that was the same age as me.
I can still remember my ol' man taking us down to the used car lot to pick up an 88' Dodge Dakota, Black.
I thought I had such a great father as I was the first one to drive it home.
Little did I know that this was a great way to keep my fathers insurance rate low on the other vehicles and consolidate the high rates to one vehicle.
Now if you are unable to urge your kid to get a job and pay for his own insurance let alone his own car, you do have some options.
Make sure the car your teenager does drive has some safety features.
When they get their first ticket, the officer will note whether or not seatbelts were worn.
Commit them to always buckling up.
How are their grades? A straight A student will get lower rates than a C student.
Boy or Girl? Every month I had to send that check in to pay for my insurance it irked me that I had to pay a higher insurance rate just because I was a boy.
They said that girls were safer drivers than boys.
Looking back, they were right.
If you can avoid it, don't let your kid drive your super-charged Chevy.
Instead have them drive the minivan.
Good luck trying to explain to them that the minivan is a more practical choice.
When it comes to teenage drivers it's going to be interesting.
Focus on keeping them safe and you'll have done your job (your insurance rate will most likely reflect your efforts!).
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