Vacuum Tube Amplifiers Costly But True Value for Your Money

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Vacuum Tube amplifier consists of vacuum tubes which are used to amplify audio, power and other alternating current signals before transistors were invented. This vacuum technology is still used by guitars. This tube amp basically operates on vacuum tube or valves. Audiophiles usually desire these tubes as tube amplifier is considered ideal for home listening as it produces natural and smooth sound.

The Valve tubes in the vacuum amplifier produce even harmonic distortion and the sound produced is very pleasant to the ears as compared to that of transistors. Most musicians around the globe prefer to use such amplifiers because of their high reliability. Also known as Valve amplifiers, they use electronic components called Vacuum Tubes" or "Electronic Valves" for amplification purpose in the circuit and do not use solid state transistors. A tube amplifier response is different as compared to a transistor amplifier towards the signal level clipping. In case of tube amplifiers, the transition is less abrupt compared to transition amplifier.

It is based on the technology which was invented around early 20th century: the triode. Its major component being a triode provides high-power i.e. distortionless audio amplification. Commonly used vacuum-tube-based amplifier is the Class-A amplifier circuit and are commonly found in guitar amplifiers. This type of amplifier circuit issued where a high fidelity output signal is required.

These vacuum tube amplifiers are used by musicians who always want to produce warm sound from guitars or other musical instruments. These are a bit expensive in comparison to other amplifiers reason being quality doesn't come cheap. It is the cost of raw materials in it that is more in number as compared to solid state amp and also the labor required is more. With the result the end product gives sound which is totally the true value to the money spent.

Choosing the right amplifier out of many totally depends on the style of music you want to play. A 15 watt will be enough for use at home. For those who can really spend more can opt for 30, 50 or 100 watt amps in combo or single cabinet configuration. It all depends on the user's choice and requirement.

Their classification depends on the tubes which are used.

• Preamplifiers tubes used mostly in guitar amplifiers

• Power amplifiers tubes have sound and output power limit.

The above information describes the vacuum tube amplifiers in brief, for music lovers there is lot more interesting to know about the same.
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