10 Interesting Dating Statistics

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What trends are bringing people together these days? A network of friends, online dating sites [http://www.todaysdating.com] or at work? There's a variety of factors changing the landscape of dating, contributing factors include technology, social networking and women with more gusto and independence compared to previous generations. Check out the following handy stats to help you step up your singles and dating game!

1. The latest U.S. Census figures tell us that 44% of American adults are single, or in round numbers, 100 million American singles. So if you think you're the only lonely person out there, think again.

2. Finding a compatible partner slightly favors the men - statistically. For every 100 unmarried women in America, there are 85 unmarried men, however these statistics do not represent every region with some areas favoring the women. If your a single girl looking to relocate to where the odds are stacked in your favor, there are more single guys than single girls in these parts: Austin, Texas; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Tempe, Arizona; and Sunnyvale and Santa Ana, California.

3. If your looking to just sow your wild oats and get amongst America's biggest singles scene, 50% of New Yorkers are not married, and in Washington D.C, an incredible 70% of locals are single.

4. Are you pinning your hopes on finding love sitting on a barstool? Your probably wasting time and money. A mere 2% of men and 9% of women claim to have met their match in a wine bar.

5. Methods of expressing attraction varied. 51% of men and women used flattery or compliments, 25% use touching and body language, whilst 23% of shy singles sent out the word through a mutual friend.

6. If you've heard about the popularity of free dating sites [http://www.todaysdating.com] but have been putting off filling out your singles profile, an estimated 40 million singles use online dating so maybe you should stop putting it off and join in?

7. Posting a brash, interesting and well thought out dating profile and photo will get you twice as many responses online compared to reserved dating profiles with no photo.

8. Don't underestimate the significance of a first date. Certainly take a casual approach but do remember that men will decide within 15 minutes into a date whether a second date is on the cards, for the women, they are a little more patient often taking up to 1 hour to assess any potential chemistry.

9. Money and finance is the biggest cause for arguments among American couples, so get your first date off on the right note and try not to squabble about whose picking up the dinner bill, sometimes it's just easier for the man to pay - "call me old fashion".

10. Breaking up is becoming easier among modern singles, with around 46% of people emailing their intention to split up. Yes it's rude, also convenient, either way it's a common way to say good-bye.

For more advice on meeting new people and improving your social skills, singles sites [http://www.todaysdating.com] are a great place to start your love hunt.
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