Utilizing Social Networks To Drive Customers to Your Website

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Since the turn of the century social networks have grown from a hobby into an essential part of people's everyday lives.
Most people log in about four to five times a day or are always logged on through their cell phones.
With these networks becoming internet mega spots, businesses soon started marketing with social networks.
This is known as the birth of social media marketing.
The real question becomes how are they using these social networks to drive customers to their websites? Well it's actually not a very complicated process.
We all know that on the internet, traffic means potential customers and if social networks have anything, its traffic.
So how can you tap into the traffic of the networks? Well start off with making profiles on the networks you wish to utilize.
I would recommend Facebook and Twitter as a start, seeing that they have share buttons almost everywhere.
Your mission becomes simple; add a bunch of people to your account that want to buy your product.
Well I know that doesn't sound very simple because how are you supposed to know who wants to buy your product? Well on Twitter (start there) you can search your product / site keyword and see who is talking about it around the world.
That's right.
That means you can easily find your niche customers with Twitter's search topic tool.
For example let's say you have a "funny bumper stickers" niche.
You can start out by typing in the search "where can I buy funny bumper stickers" and see what comes up.
If there are little or no results, type in a broader keyword like "funny bumper stickers".
Approach these potential customers as more of a friend than a business trying to promote and add them to your account or on twitter "follow them".
This is the key to marketing with social networks many people have yet to start because of all the work it takes adding a bunch of people and logging in and out of accounts.
Once you have these people on your account you would make them stick around by offering free bumper stickers, discounts, and great deals.
Eventually word spreads around and you will start to see customers finding you on Twitter for access to your specials.
It's a flawless technique that has worked every time for me.
I didn't start seeing huge traffic conversions until I started marketing with social networks.
The ability to find niche specific traffic converted at 80% for my adventure backpacks website.
If you have any interest in marketing online in today's competitive business world you must start marketing with social networks.
I do highly recommend investing in software that will help you cut time in half though.
I used Market Me Suite and it worked out nicely for my website.
It shouldn't be that expensive now, when I bought it, it was only a 40 dollar investment.
I made all my money back within the first week, so give that one a look if you want to make your marketing with social networks easier.
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