Truth and Inside About Napster

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Napster is an online music provider, which its name and logo are derived from the previous Napster peer-to-peer file trading service which was shut down by RIAA lega actions.
Napster is now a legal online music store after bought over by Roxio.
Currently, its subscription service is available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Japan.
In May 2006, Napster launched Free.
com which provided free music streaming to downloader.
It allows you to create a free account which can stream more than 2 millions titles for free.
However, the catches are free user can only stream the same song or music not more than five times and cannot be downloaded; and low speed transfer rate.
It is still a very nice service as you can sample the songs before making any decision.
Simultaneously, it also launched NapsterLink which enable the users to include links to all the music in Napster catalog into webpages, blogs, or emails.
This music providerr implements the "drag and drop" feature which allows you to place your title into the queue while your music is being transferred.
This is kind of handy as you can put all the selections into queue for later transfer without wasting time to wait.
It also introduces Napster-To-Go subscription plan, with which you can download subscription tracks to portable digital audio player, cell phones or PDA, for the charge of $14.
95 a month.
Right now, it will give up a free 1GB MP3 player if you join Napster To Go for 1 year.
And for another basic subscription plan offered by Napster, it costs $9.
95 per month for unlimited downloading to PC, but the tracks can't be transferred or burned.
Napster offers a 7-day free trial "testing period" to guarantee customer satisfaction.
Another amazing features from Napster is its radio station streaming compilations.
Napster is capable of creating customized stations based on the requirement of your music library.
And you can even skip tracks while listening to radio streams, save them into playlist or purchase the tracks.
CNET provides a comprehensive review and facts on Napster which tells you all the major features, pros and cons, as well as comparison with Yahoo!Unlimited and Rhapsody.
Definitely a good site to check out.
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