Email Marketing and How to Use Auto-Responders

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Without doubt, email marketing - and the use of auto-responders in particular - is absolutely crucial to the success and income potential of any online business.
Essentially, they enable you to promote your product to hundreds and thousands of customers in an instant, and then deliver it immediately, without having to do anything yourself.
They can also function as your secretary, answering emails and confirming orders, enabling you to get on with the job of expanding your business and making more money! However, it's in selling your products that the auto-responder really shines.
You see, once your prospects have visited your website and signed up for your free email course, e-book, newsletter etc, via your data capture form, you can start promoting your product(s) to every single email address that you've managed to collect.
From this point on, your auto-responders will do all the hard work, working as your personal salesman, 24/7.
This is what's known as an email marketing campaign, and it's the auto-responder that will allow you to deliver this content quickly, easily and effectively...
Studies have shown that it takes between 6-7 follow-up emails before a customer actually makes a purchase, so auto-responders are absolutely crucial to your business.
You obviously can't send all of these emails manually, to each and every prospect that gives you their contact details.
That would be incredibly time-consuming.
Instead, an auto-responder service enables you to write something once and then program its delivery, so it's sent out to prospects whenever you want it to be, without you actually having to do anything further.
There are a variety of auto-responder services available online and I'd recommend that you have a good look around before you sign up to any single provider.
However, I've found AWeber, GetResponse and 1shoppingcart to be the best.
All three provide superb email marketing services and will enable you to build and manage your list of customers.
So, once you've started collecting leads via your data capture form (squeeze page), it's time to send out your free email course, newsletter, e-book etc, using one of the above services.
All you need to do is program the time-scale and then set up the automated first-name field which personalizes each email, such as "Hello [Brian]," for example (your auto-responder service will show you how to do this).
Therefore, when someone signs up for your course through your squeeze page, your auto-responder is programmed to send out the first email immediately, and automatically plug-in the first name of the prospect that has signed up! The first piece of correspondence should normally be a welcome email, thanking the prospect for subscribing.
Your second email could then be programmed to arrive in their inbox one or two days afterwards, your third email two days after that...
and so on.
All the while you're giving your subscribers helpful information and consequently building a positive relationship, increasing the chances of an eventual sale, which is, after all, the ultimate goal of your email marketing campaign! Happy emailing!
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