Pick Up Women- 6 Tips to Master Your Pickup Skills

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Have you always wanted to be the sort of guy that girls adore? You know €" the sharp suited alpha male who seems to have his pick of the women?

Of course you have!

And you can be.

I've gathered the six traits that all great pick up artists have in common, and they're easier to emulate than you might imagine. Follow the steps outlined below and you, too, could be one of the frequently chosen ones.

1. An Appreciation of the Finer Things

Pick up artists don't just appreciate a pretty girl; they admire any person of quality and any item of beauty €" and they ensure that they're surrounded by them.

If you're still dressing like a student and living with your parents, it's time to upgrade. Invest in some well styled clothes, get a sharp new haircut and consider developing a skincare routine.

Scrap all your shabby posters and heavily stained bed linen. A seductive bachelor pad has clean lines, simple d©cor and no suspicious odors €" isn't it time you were in living in one?

2. Humor

Girls are always assuring us that they'd rather meet a man with a great sense of humor than a male model. And this isn't one of those clever little mind games they to play; it's true.

If you can make a woman laugh and smile she will come to associate spending time with you with feelings of happiness. But before you start practicing your knock knock jokes, bear in mind that few girls are looking for slapstick; when they say €good sense of humor€ they mean an upbeat attitude when faced with adversity and a fairly quick wit at other times.

3. Physical Confidence

Pick up artists exude an air of confidence €" and a lot of this is to do with their body language. Players stand tall in the center of a room, they make eye contact with the women they're talking to and their relaxed smile is always inviting.

If you're a fan of hunching in inconspicuous corners, no girl is ever going to notice you. Adopt a more laid back, confident posture and you'll be amazed by the positive results.

4. Patience and Honesty

The truly confident man doesn't have to fool a woman into going home with him, nor does he need to apply any pressure. Don't try to trick girls into believing you're someone you're not, don't promise a future you have no intention of offering, and never try to bully a woman into doing something she isn't sure she's into.

If you take the time to get to know a girl and you treat her with respect you will soon make the right impression.

5. Conversational Skills

Do gorgeous girls leave you tongue tied? Consciously slow your speech down, adopt a low, steady tone and try to breathe with your stomach €" by calming your speech patterns you will instantly appear much more confident.

Remember that your goal is to get her interest, so don't undo all your hard work by being self-deprecating.

Charm her by showing an interest in what she's saying and asking leading questions. Have a few emergency topics on stand-by; everyone has an answer to questions like €how would you spend your lottery millions?€ and €where's your dream vacation?€ so keep them on reserve.

6. Female Friends

The ultimate pick up artist accessory is a female best friend. A female friend's recommendation if worth more than any number of males'; when a cute chick see another gorgeous girl spending time with you, she assumes that you're someone worth knowing.

The secret to becoming the ultimate pick up artist is to act like you deserve to be one. Show pride in yourself, your surroundings and your achievements and any woman will be proud to be seen on your arm.

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