What Men Want - 7 Things They Want About You

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Knowing what men want can definitely help you tremendously when it comes to showing them the right signals and being able to seduce and attract him easily.
However, the thing is, men can be tricky beings sometimes.
They may seem the easiest to please, but they can also be hard as a rock if they want to.
But there's no need for you to get all freaky at all.
With the right mindset and attitude (and a pair of killer heels won't hurt too) you can make him twirl around your fingers in no time.
Here are the seven things they want about you, find out what men want at last!
  • Seeing you smile and having a good time.
    Truth of the matter is, men do get a little paranoid thinking about making you feel good an comfortable too.
    That's why try to make him sweat a little by smiling every now and then and showing that you're having a great time too.
  • When you show independence.
    Independent women are always sexier than the rest.
    The project an aura of strong personality and sure does impress a guy instantly.
    It means you know how to take care of yourself and in control of your emotions.
    You can stand on your own no matter what.
  • When you don't complain too much.
    Girls are known for being too loud or having the tendency to complain so much.
    It's literally annoying girl, better try to be a little mature for a change.
  • When you're confident for being you.
    No need to pretend to be someone else to impress a guy - they can tell and that will eventually shun them away.
    Be yourself - there's no better way to make an impression a guy more.
    Believe me.
  • If you stay cool and collected.
    Keep your cool no matter what - guys get scared and absolutely freaked out when you have a temper and would get all insane just because someone forgot to put ice on your drink.
    Throwing a fit won't help either.
  • Seeing you happy and in a lighter mood.
    Men want to see their women happy.
    Seeing you frown and a bit uncomfortable makes them uncomfortable as well so try to be a little friendly - it instantly makes you less threatening.
  • When you know how to appreciate things.
    Guys try hard to impress you - that's a fact.
    That's why it won't hurt if you give him a compliment for looking good tonight or saying "Thank you," when he gave you some roses and chocolates during a date.
Being able to detect what men want can be a complicated thing - only if you make it seem so.
It's okay to be a little nervous girl, but eventually you will have to take matters into your own hands.
And make sure to have fun while you're at it!
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